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Electric Car Startups Struggle To Compete With Largest Automakers

The EV market is fierce and much of this can be attributed to a large number of well-set players as well as newcomers in this field. However, not all electric car startups succeed in making a name in this segment. These newer and smaller companies face all of the issues faced by the largest automakers… Read More

12 months ago
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VW ID.4 vs ID.3 – Which To Choose?
Tesla has been the number one EV manufacturer in the world for quite some time now. However, recent data suggests that German automaker VW is quickly gaining pace. The VW ID.4 and VW ID.3 are the two most famous electric vehicles from the brand and here we compare both these vehicles. This will help you… Read More
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Hyundai Releases More Info On Its New Hyundai Ioniq 6 Electrified Streamliner
The Hyundai Ioniq 5 was one of the most iconic EVs to this day. However, the more successful a vehicle is, the more difficult it becomes for the company to match its success in the future. Though it seems that Hyundai has the recipe for hitting jackpots one after another. This is why the Ioniq… Read More
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Wireless Charging Technology For EVs
The world we live in today has started going wireless. If you look around yourself, your phones and now even their chargers are wireless. Similarly, you use the internet wirelessly and you know how convenient your life has become as a result of this. The need for wireless EV charging is immense, owing to the… Read More
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5 European Countries That Are Against Europe’s 2035 EV-Only Rule
Electric cars have gained popularity all over the world. However, EVs are particularly famous in first-world countries than anywhere else. This can be correlated with the high income and better standards of living of the people in these countries. How Is Europe Leading The Race Of Going Carbon Neutral? Europe is trying hard to become… Read More
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Polestar 5 – What Do We Know So Far?
Polestar is the performance brand of the world-renowned automotive company Volvo. For now, the company has only two models dubbed the Polestar 1 & 2 whereas according to reports the Polestar 3 will also be made available in the latter part of the current year. The Polestar 4 which will have an SUV format, will… Read More
11 months ago By: Admin
Tesla Berlin Gigafactory Paused Model Y Production
The Tesla Model Y is one of the most anticipated and highly awaited vehicles from the US-based EV manufacturer. That’s because this SUV is smaller in size than the Model X and costs considerably less. However, the overall features offered by this SUV are comparable to those of the Model X. What Brings Tesla Berlin… Read More
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Tesla China Is Replacing Customers’ Gas Cars With EVs
In this article we are talking about Tesla China which is replacing customers’ gas cars with EVs with heavy incentives. As the world is going electric, more and more companies are joining the bandwagon. This means that the world is quickly trying to make the switch to this modern driving platform. It was believed that… Read More
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JIDU ROBO-01 Concept – AI-Powered Robotic EV
Here we delve into JIDU ROBO-01 concept which is the AI-powered robotic EV. Baidu is a Chinese giant that stays in the news for one reason or another. However, this time the news from Baidu’s EV startup JIDU is about to change how we’ve seen the world of electric vehicles until now. That’s because the… Read More
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Cupra Born 2022 Infotainment System & Interior Review
Cupra is a relatively less known brand that is owned by the German auto giant Volkswagen. The Cupra Born 2022 is a hot hatchback from the company. Being an electric vehicle, it is highly in demand these days. Here is a recent review video of Cupra Born 2022 infotainment system and interior. Huge Panoramic Roof… Read More
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A Guide For Your Future EV
Here you are welcome to meet a guide for your future EV. As the electric vehicle segment is developing, interested buyers have more options than ever before. While this is great, it also makes the purchase decision more complicated. So, here are a few guidelines for your future EV that will help you make the… Read More
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Future Forecast For EV Makers And Tesla’s Breakthrough
Here we talk about future forecast for EV makers and one of the giant’s Tesla and its breakthrough. Tesla is the number one electric vehicle manufacturer in the world. However, with the growing EV popularity, many other companies have also jumped on the bandwagon in a bid to secure their future. 18 Months For Tesla… Read More
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VW ID.4 Driving Experience Review
The VW ID.4 is a step up from the ID.3 and is a bigger vehicle with more cabin space and a larger electric range. This makes the VW ID.4 a highly attractive vehicle. You can check out the video here. The crossover nature of the VW ID.4 means that it is more capable compared to… Read More
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How Long Does An Electric Car Battery Last?
One of the most instrumental parts of an EV is its battery. However, the electric car battery life degrades with usage. In this article, we discuss how long an electric battery lasts but let’s first see what is meant by EV battery degradation. What Is EV Battery Degradation? It is a gradual phenomenon that irrevocably… Read More
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Renault Zoe vs. Nissan Leaf: Which EV Is Best For You?
For all those looking to enter the electric vehicle segment, the Renault Zoe and Nissan Leaf are two great options. However, if you are in a fix and can’t decide which the best EV is for you when you put Renault Zoe vs. Nissan Leaf, this article compares both through different lenses. So stay tuned… Read More
11 months ago By: David Miller
Hackers Are Increasingly Targeting EV Chargers: Report
The expanding EV segment is a good sign for the planet. However, according to a recent report, electric charge points are highly vulnerable to attacks by hackers. This is why the number of hacking attacks is increasing day by day. Two types of hackers try to find their way into the system of EV chargers.… Read More
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How Much Does It Cost To Replace An Electric Car Battery?
Electric car batteries are one of the most expensive parts of EVs. However, almost all automakers offer extensive warranties for these parts in which EV battery, if found faulty, is replaced free of cost. For example, Tesla and Nissan both offer a warranty for 100,000 miles or 8 years for their batteries whereas Kia and… Read More
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10 Tips To Improve Your EV Range
Range anxiety is one of the most deterring aspects of the electric vehicle segment. This is why here are 10 tips to improve your EV range. 1. Drive Rationally The first and foremost step you can take to improve the range of your EV is to drive it more sensibly. If you push the pedal… Read More
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How Does The Rivian R1T Truck Perform In A 112 KPH Test?
The Rivian R1T is one of the most imposing EV trucks out there at the moment. The company is seeing an enormous growth rate and this is why it is vital to know whether or not the truck delivers as it promises. Here we see how this truck performs in a 112 kph test. This… Read More
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Can SafeCharge Change The Future?
SafeCharge is a rating system that aims to make EV owners well informed about the various charging options for their electric vehicles. What Is SafeCharge? SafeCharge is a company that has been set up by Kate Tyrrell who previously worked at myenergi. It is to be noted here that myenergi is an EV charger manufacturer… Read More
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A Look At The DeLorean Alpha5 EV
In this article we introduce the DeLorean Alpha5 EV. If you are fond of movies from the 1980s, you’ll know a title that gained fame back then. It was dubbed Back to the Future. This movie used a vehicle as a time machine. The car that was used for this purpose was manufactured by DeLorean.… Read More
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