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Top 5 Best EV Chargers UK 2022

Electric vehicles are playing a momentous role in transforming the world into a greener place. However, these vehicles are of no benefit if they can’t be properly charged. So here we discuss the top 5 best EV charger UK in 2022. However, before you head out and start filling your cart, here are the answers… Read More

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Electric Cars Are Cheaper To Own From Day One vs Petrol Cars: Report
Energy Innovation recently presented a report which claims that for most US buyers, EVs are cheaper than petrol cars right from day one. The report also highlights that almost 50% of US citizens think that the initial cost of EVs is too high. What Criteria Was Used By Energy Innovation’s Report? The analysis carried out… Read More
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Mercedes G Class EV Will Get More Efficient Silicon Battery Tech From Ex-Tesla Engineers
The Mercedes G Class is one of the most iconic vehicles of all time. It is an SUV that is highly revered even among celebrities. However, even this boxy vehicle couldn’t resist the change to the EV platform. Thus, Mercedes is now working to offer an EV variant of the G Class as well. How… Read More
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What Factors Determine The Payback Period Of An EV
Here we discuss the payback period of an EV and the factors that affect this process. This is because the low running and maintenance costs of such vehicles are a plus, but the high initial cost outweighs the low running and maintenance costs. What Is Payback Period For An EV? The payback period for an… Read More
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The Schwinn Coston Electric Bike Deserves Your Attention
Here is what you deserve to know about the Schwinn Coston e-bike. Schwinn has worked hard for expanding its lineup of electric bikes during the last few years. In the beginning, these bikes were mostly limited to cruisers however with time, the company has shifted over to commuter e-bikes as well. Where Is It Placed… Read More
1 day ago By: Hamza Naveed
Toyota Rolls Out Its First EV Toyota BZ4X For Lease Only
Toyota was still a laggard in terms of battery electric vehicles. However, the company has recently launched the BZ4X in Japan. The vehicle is the first-ever mass-produced BEV from the company. Toyota has decided to go with a unique approach regarding the BZ4X. The vehicle will only be offered on lease. This is Toyota’s way… Read More
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Top 5 European Countries With Most & Least EV Chargers
If you are interested in knowing the top 5 European countries with the most and the least EV charging stations in the world, check out this video. Countries With the Least Number Of EV Charging Stations So according to this video, Latvia stands at the number 5 spot in the list of the European countries… Read More
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Polestar 2 vs Tesla Model 3: Which EV Is Right For You?
While Tesla has been the trailblazer in the EV segment, other companies have also joined the bandwagon. One such example is Volvo’s performance brand dubbed Polestar. The Polestar 2 is the company’s first all-electric vehicle and this makes it a perfect competitor for the Tesla Model 3. So here we see Polestar vs Tesla to… Read More
2 days ago By: Christian Thomas
World’s Major Economies Transitioning To Renewable Energy
The world has realized that our energy production must move to renewable sources. This is to stem the pollution of the environment. However, how is the transition from fossil-based fuels going for each country? In this article, we will consider how the world‘s major economies are transitioning to renewable energy. The US The US Energy… Read More
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EV Startups In 2022: Future Prospects
While most automobile manufacturers have been around for several decades, most companies manufacturing EVs are pretty new. That’s why this segment offers a lot more opportunities to these newer companies than the conventional ICE segment. Here we discuss the top 10 EV startups in 2022 and discuss their performance. Besides this, we also shed some… Read More
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Parking Assist Feature In Kia EV6
The Kia EV6 was titled Car of the Year 2022. That’s because the vehicle did exceptionally well in multiple categories. In this article, we delve into the parking assist feature of the Kia EV6 as  demonstrated in this video. Besides this, we also discuss the vehicle to load feature of the EV. What Is Parking… Read More
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VW Scout Brand Is Coming Back As Electric SUV
As the EV segment is shaping up, we are seeing newer and better brands come up. However, the recent news from VW is going to surprise not only the fans of the German automaker but also those of Scout. Resurrecting The Scout Brand According to recent reports, VW is working hard to bring the Scout… Read More
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How Does Carbon Capture Work?
Carbon capture and storage is an emerging technology for reducing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. If carbon capture and storage can prove effective and scalable at a large scale, it could be a major player in minimizing the effects of climate change. Climeworks is a booming startup working to scale a breakthrough in CCS technology,… Read More
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Aventon Pace 500 E-Bike Next-Gen Review
In the world of electric bikes, Aventon has a place of its own. This is why, when the company launched a new version of its Pace 500 e-bike, aficionados from around the world knew what to expect. The latest version of the bike offers newer and better parts as compared to the outgoing model. This… Read More
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Best Electric Vans 2022 Review
Five years ago, if someone wanted a list of best vans, it would have mostly been comprised of diesel-powered vehicles. Although gasoline and hybrid vans did try to make a mark but they were not quite successful. However, electric vans 2022 are among the hot favorites and this is because of several reasons. One of… Read More
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Here Are 6 Effective Ways To Extend The EV Battery Life
Electric vehicles have received global appreciation because of their multifaceted benefits. This has played a pivotal role in the success of this platform. However, the range of such electric vehicles continues to be one of the pain points for users. Therefore, here are some tips and ways which can be used to effectively extend the… Read More
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2024 Fisker Pear – First Look At The Concept
If you’ve never heard of Fisker, you might not be alone. After all, it’s a relatively small company that is based in the United States. However, it is worth knowing that Foxconn, the telecom giant is behind the Fisker brand name which means that the company has strong support and is here to last. Previously… Read More
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Largest EU Battery Recycling Plant Comes Online
As the EV world is progressing at a rapid pace, the shift to this segment is taking place at a surprisingly fast rate. However, allied to this shift is the problem of thousands of EV batteries that will become useless each year. This problem was highlighted a few years ago and thus EU battery recycling… Read More
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Tesla Supercharger Network Is Now Open To Other EV Brands In The UK
 As we all know that one problem that all EV owners universally feel, regardless of the manufacturer of their vehicle, is range anxiety. This is why Tesla decided to play its role to mitigate this issue to some extent. It is to be noted here that by volume, Tesla is the largest EV manufacturer in… Read More
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Top 5 Best EV Chargers UK 2022
Electric vehicles are playing a momentous role in transforming the world into a greener place. However, these vehicles are of no benefit if they can’t be properly charged. So here we discuss the top 5 best EV charger UK in 2022. However, before you head out and start filling your cart, here are the answers… Read More
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Some Great News From Lucid In Saudi Arabia
If you too like millions of others are a fan of the US-based luxury automaker dubbed Lucid, the company has got some great news for you & this time from an unexpected country, Saudi Arabia. Billions Of Euros To Be Invested In Lucid According to reports, during the next 15 years, the company is all… Read More
1 week ago By: Hamza Naveed