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Wireless Charging Technology For EVs
The world we live in today has started going wireless. If you look around yourself, your phones and now even their chargers are wireless. Similarly, you use the internet wirelessly and you know how convenient your life has become as a result of this. The need for wireless EV charging is immense, owing to the… Read More
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5 European Countries That Are Against Europe’s 2035 EV-Only Rule
Electric cars have gained popularity all over the world. However, EVs are particularly famous in first-world countries than anywhere else. This can be correlated with the high income and better standards of living of the people in these countries. How Is Europe Leading The Race Of Going Carbon Neutral? Europe is trying hard to become… Read More
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Fit For 55, The Green Deal – Most Important EV Policies Towards EVs In Europe
  As the EV segment is rising in popularity quickly, more governments have decided to implement some sort of policies in this regard. This video explains the most important policies toward EVs in Europe. Fit for 55 seems like a unique name but then again, it is a unique deal after all. Seems more like… Read More
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Electric Cars Are Cheaper To Own From Day One vs Petrol Cars: Report
Energy Innovation recently presented a report which claims that for most US buyers, EVs are cheaper than petrol cars right from day one. The report also highlights that almost 50% of US citizens think that the initial cost of EVs is too high. What Criteria Was Used By Energy Innovation’s Report? The analysis carried out… Read More
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How To Charge An Electric Car Living At A Home With No Driveway?
The popularity of electric cars is increasing globally. However, with this revolution, the problems of millions of people living in apartments are just beginning. While you look for an EV, electric car charging at home no driveway availability might be keeping you from doing so. Most apartment buildings do not have any provision for Level… Read More
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Sodium-Ion Batteries Go Mainstream
While Lithium-ion batteries have become ubiquitous with modern technology, a competitor is on the rise. Researchers working on Sodium-ion batteries (SIBs) hope to reduce the reliance on the former due to the impact of mineral mining and rising costs. Sodium-ion batteries present an opportunity to further reduce environmental impact and accelerate EV adoption. Some experts… Read More
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Can You Tow With An Electric Car?
We always hear that electric cars are better than their ICE counterparts mainly because they have instantaneous torque. However, what is the effect of this torque on the towing capacity or the towing ability of these EVs? To answer this question, first, we need to see what towing capacity is. What Is Towing Capacity? Towing… Read More
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Which Is Better In Terms Of Car Emissions – ICE Car Or EV?
  The debate regarding ICE car vs. EVs in terms of car emissions is one of the hottest topics of the modern-day. This video heads forward by comparing the CO2 emissions of ICEs and EVs. Here we compare the two platforms from four different perspectives as also done in the above-mentioned video. Production The first… Read More
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Which Batteries In Cars Are Better – Solid-State Battery Or Lithium-Ion Battery?
Findings Of Study Published In Joules It is often considered that Solid-state batteries are better than Lithium-ion ones. A recent study published in Joules had some interesting findings. According to it, the addition of liquid electrolytes to solid-state batteries makes them safer than their Li-ion counterparts. Another critical finding was about heat release. If there… Read More
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EV Vs ICE Which Causes More pollution – Why Electric Cars May Not Reduce Pollution
Electric vehicles were initially popularized as a solution for sustainable transportation. A cleaner alternative to traditional fossil fuel vehicles, electric vehicles do not emit residues into the environment and also eliminate the need for fossil fuels. From the outside, it seems like electric vehicles are better for environment than traditional ICE vehicles any day. So,… Read More
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