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EV Vs ICE Which Causes More pollution – Why Electric Cars May Not Reduce Pollution

Electric vehicles were initially popularized as a solution for sustainable transportation. A cleaner alternative to traditional fossil fuel vehicles, electric vehicles do not emit residues into the environment and also eliminate the need for fossil fuels. From the outside, it seems like electric vehicles are better for environment than traditional ICE vehicles any day.

So, are electric vehicles truly as good as they first meet the eye? Could they possibly eliminate all the environment damaging practices, at least from the transportation industry? Let us find out in this video how environment friendly electric vehicles are. In this EV vs ICE pollution comparison video, we give you the complete picture of how eco-friendly are these two types of vehicles. We will tell you how much pollution electric vehicles cause directly or indirectly and how much is it compared to fossil fuel powered vehicles.

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  1. BEV cars are the future, and no oil should be used to transport ourselves and goods. We should care about our planet, there is no planet B after all.

    1. Quit transporting ourselves wit automated transport machines.
      Only Walking.
      Then we are moving Fossil free.

  2. The irish for instance, has promoted the idea to not sell any oil based cars past 2030. In Ireland there are currently 1 million cars on the road. 80% are 10 years or younger. This means, that by 2040, the hope is that 80% of cars will be EV. Now in theory this sounds great and promising.

    Flip side. To power 80% EV cars, ireland will require 2no 2 gigawatt nuclear power stations, to generate the electricity required to power these cars, without affecting the normal run of power grid.

    In addition to this, to manufacture and sell 800k EV cars, there is considerable transport involved as Ireland is an island.

    In addition to this, there are limited countries in the world extracting lithium from mines. Bare in mind, these lithium mines have devastating effects on local environments and biosphere. So it gets mined. Then sent to a different country for refining. Then sent across the world to the car manufacturers. And that’s just for the battery. They still have to build the rest of the car, with electric robots, that use power grid electricity, that’s run off nuclear power, or hydro power which, depending on the country you live in again has devastating effects on local environments.

    So I think the real question here is, for the owner of an EV, is it more environmentally friendly than oil. Yes it is. But only because car manufacturers hide what is required to make an EV car, and dont explain that if everyone has one, then there categorically will be issues with the power grid.

    Carpool, train, bus, bike, walk. That’s it

    1. A lot of those issues are the same for manufacturing ice cars too, as you said ireland is an island, Ireland also doesn’t have a car manufacturer so all cars are imported.
      New forms of electricity production will have to come anyway as the plan is to remove all fossil fuel productions, maybe nuclear is possibility

  3. Even with EV vehicles we will never drive Fossil free.

    Only building a car kost tons of fossil fuels, and mining product.

    We will use Fossil fuel yo make electricity, and for building the machines to create “fossil free” electricity.

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