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5 EVs Myths Busted

While electric vehicles are widely accepted as the best technology developed by man that is not only efficient but also extremely safe for the environment, there are several myths about this technology that exist in the market, and this article aims to dispel them one by one.

1. EVs Are Worse For The Environment Than ICEs Because Of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Many people believe that even though electric vehicles have zero tailpipe emissions, they are still unsuitable for the environment due to the strain that these vehicles place on the environment due to their energy requirements.


This myth, however, is false because the world is constantly moving toward greener and renewable energy sources.

These sources are not just healthier for the planet, in general, but also augment the cause of electric vehicles.

2. The Battery Is Not Suitable For Daily Travel

Most EVs on the market today easily last more than 300 kilometers on average, whereas a survey found that very few people drive their cars more than 30 kilometers per day.


Even if we double the industry average, EV batteries can still last more than six times as long, demonstrating how far we have come in terms of electric vehicle technology and making the batteries of such EVs extremely suitable for daily use.

3. There Is Nowhere To Charge My Car

This was true a few years ago, but the majority of advanced European countries now have more than 20 electric chargers per 100 kilometers of road. Norway, the Netherlands, Germany, and France are among them.

And with the arrival of the fast EV charging technology, the EV chargers, unlike before, are not always occupied.


This means that more people than ever before will be able to charge their vehicles when they are outside their homes.

House charging stations have also come down in price significantly over the years, and more EV platform fans have now installed this cutting-edge technology in their homes.

Thus this myth is not true and modern-day data testifies this.

4. EVs Are Too Expensive

The EV market is booming right now, with an overall 43% increase recently demonstrating that the technology is now available to a larger population than ever before.

According to recent reports, the price of EV batteries has dropped by 89% in the last 12 years, and because batteries are one of the distinguishing features of the electric vehicle market, this has resulted in the global price of EVs being reduced.

Furthermore, most EVs provide sub-5-second 0 to 97 kph (0 to 60 mph) acceleration figures, whereas ICE vehicle owners must spend significantly more when purchasing a vehicle if they want this type of performance.

5. EVs Deplete Natural Resources And Batteries Are Harmful To The Environment

The stress placed on the environment during the manufacturing of the lithium battery is another influential concern that many people believe plays a significant role in increasing global pollution.


An estimated 9.2 tons of CO2 are emitted into the environment during the production of a small-sized EV, whereas 7.2 tons of CO2 pollution are emitted during the production of an ICE vehicle of the same size.

However, according to new findings, driving the electric vehicle for 11,265 km miles is enough to make it green for the planet, as running this far nullifies the negative effects produced during its manufacturing.

Final Verdict

Electric vehicles are still a revolutionary innovation, and they face significant opposition, just like any other transformation.

People commonly create myths about EVs, whereas modern-day research proves that no such things exist, allowing you to confidently purchase the EVs of your choice.

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