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Clean Energy: Myths vs. Facts
While more and more people accept that clean energy is the way to save the environment, some people believe it is not practical or workable. However, many of these beliefs are based on myths and misinformation. This article will look at the most popular myths about renewable energy and present the facts. Myth 1. Renewable… Read More
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Why Green Hydrogen Is The Future Of Energy
With the ever-growing need for alternative energy sources knocking on the door, nations across the globe are searching for affordable forms of energy production that can also be of benefit to the environment. One of the most promising options is green hydrogen. When water is split into its two hydrogen and one oxygen atoms, energy… Read More
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Oil Spills Have Tragic Consequences For Our Earth
It won’t be an exaggeration to say that oil drives the modern economy. Countries that are rich in oil reserves have changed their fate in just a matter of decades. While crude oil is a type of fossil fuel, refined oil is of much more importance to human beings. However, when it comes to oil… Read More
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Beware – Unintentionally You Might Be Contributing To Child Labor
The main purpose of adopting the EV platform was to improve the health conditions of human beings. However, by shifting to this domain, we may unintentionally contribute to the problem of global pollution and unethical practices. Electric vehicles are quite different from the ICE vehicles that we’ve been using for several decades. The batteries of… Read More
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Study Shows That Battery Recycling Process Can Be More Efficient
With the increasing demand for EV batteries, recycling them has become vital. However, most methods that we use for this purpose are not very efficient. However, this might be about to change in the future. A recent study has been published1 by the Swedish Chalmers University of Technology. This study puts forward an efficient recycling… Read More
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Why Coal-Fired Plants Are Not The Future?
The United Nations has recently pledged to stop the construction of any more Coal power plants and to replace the existing ones with renewable sources. Which Countries Have Pledged To Replace Coal Plants? Seven countries including Chile, Sri Lanka, the UK, Denmark, Germany, France & Montenegro have agreed to the recent pledge made by the… Read More
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New Graphene-Based Battery Technology For EV Fast Charging
As the world is quickly headed towards a complete EV adoption, the biggest issue for those who decide to go down this lane is the extensive amount of time that the process of charging EV batteries takes. This is why scientists and EV manufacturers are always on the hunt for newer and better methods that… Read More
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Ford & Volvo Partner With Redwood Materials To Recycle EV Batteries
While electric vehicles continue to be regarded as one of the finest creations of modern-day man, the problem of global pollution is still immense. You would be thinking that now when we are producing more EVs than humanity has ever seen, why is the problem still so immense? But in these details lie the reality… Read More
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EV Battery Swap – Is It A Good Idea?
China has been at the forefront of the electric vehicle market and NIO is one company that has been in the news for quite some time now. NIO Is Back In The News With EV Battery Swapping This time NIO is offering an entirely new approach to the world of EV that has the potential… Read More
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5 EVs Myths Busted
While electric vehicles are widely accepted as the best technology developed by man that is not only efficient but also extremely safe for the environment, there are several myths about this technology that exist in the market, and this article aims to dispel them one by one. 1. EVs Are Worse For The Environment Than… Read More
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