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What Is The Future For Hydrogen Vehicles?
A recent study in the journal named Nature Electronics recently suggested that for keeping pace with the growing needs of the world regarding climate crisis, the world should remain focused on producing EVs and constructing their charging infrastructure instead of making Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and their filling stations. Figures Tell The Story The Hydrogen… Read More
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Why Is Car Unreliability Such A Serious Issue?
Vehicles are extremely robust machines that usually last for decades, however, not all automakers are the same in terms of build quality and therefore buyers need to keep in mind what they are getting into. Unreliable cars can not only cost buyers thousands of Euros in the long run but can also mean that they… Read More
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Hydrogen Vehicles – Alternative To EVs?
What Are Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles? Hydrogen is the most abundant resource on our planet, which is why scientists and automakers collaborated to develop a method for using this resource to power vehicles. As a result, these vehicles have hydrogen cells that can be easily topped up from a filling station that looks like a… Read More
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Is It Possible To Find A Way Out Of Traffic Noise
The human population is used to the noises made by the standard gasoline engines. However, electric vehicles that are quickly taking up the automobile segment, are completely silent. This might be good in bringing down the overall noise pollution but it also has negative effects of its own. Why Is No EV Noise An Issue?… Read More
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Renewable Energy For EVs – Is It The Future?
The main motivation behind the sales of millions of electric vehicles is to keep the planet a greener place but how far is this effort fruitful and what all is being done around the world to power up these EVs using alternative energy sources? Let’s dive into the details. Steps Being Taken In Europe The… Read More
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EV Charging Stations Are More Profitable Than Gas Pumps
Gas stations have been really profitable in the past. In fact, they have been thought of as a sure-shot way of making money. However, with the globally changing dynamics, the future might be much different for such gas stations who might have already lived their best days. With the growing EV demand and the need… Read More
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The Secret Car Pollution Problems
While everyone seems to be impressed by the concept of going all-electric for saving the planet by reducing carbon emissions, does the picture have more to offer than what meets the eye? This article delves into the details of the secrets of car pollution problems and what different steps are being taken for reducing the… Read More
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Are Electric Cars Really Better for the Environment?
Are electric vehicles actually better for the environment or is this just a gimmick designed to entice customers to pay more for the fast acceleration exhibited by these cutting-edge machines due to instantaneous torque? This article delves into the details and answers the myths that are typically associated when comparing EVs to conventional vehicles. What… Read More
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CO2 Footprint Review Of Electric & Petrol Vehicles
The exceptional performance and cutting edge technology of EVs have played a role in making them popular. However, what has made them especially attractive is their zero tailpipe emission nature. This is where the EVs have been able to completely blow the internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles out of the water.  But what if we… Read More
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EV Supply Chain Carbon Emissions Lower Than ICE Vehicles 
CO2 is a major cause of global pollution. With the growing global emphasis on keeping the carbon footprint low, more and more countries are joining the EV bandwagon. Electric vehicles are rapidly being adopted due to their zero tailpipe emissions. Yet, many people have apprehensions. They believe that the indirect emissions of EVs are much greater… Read More
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