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China In EV Market
The EV market is booming like anything and every company wants to get a big share from it. China was one of the countries that were least expected to participate in this EV race. However, in recent years, several Chinese automakers have provided stiff competition to both Western and Japanese manufacturers. This article delves into… Read More
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Northvolt Produces First Fully Recycled Battery Cell
It won’t be an overstatement to say that the world now runs on batteries. Take a look around you and you will hardly see a place where you won’t find one. Northvolt is a Swedish Lithium-ion battery manufacturer that set out on a mission in 2016 to manufacture environment-friendly batteries to ensure a blue planet.… Read More
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Tesla After 600,000 Kilometers
While gasoline and diesel vehicles have proven to be long-lasting, the future of electric vehicles is still up in the air. A California based company known as Tesloop got into the limelight a few years ago due to its Tesla Model S. This car dubbed eHawk had been driven more than 643k kilometers by the… Read More
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