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Why Is Car Unreliability Such A Serious Issue?

Vehicles are extremely robust machines that usually last for decades, however, not all automakers are the same in terms of build quality and therefore buyers need to keep in mind what they are getting into.


Unreliable cars can not only cost buyers thousands of Euros in the long run but can also mean that they will have an extremely nagging experience.

Major Issues During Initial 5 Years Of Ownership

Research suggests that one in five car owners report a major issue with their car during the first 5 years of ownership which isn’t huge and offers a ray of hope.

This, however, is also an eye-opener that all other automakers are not much interested in delivering premium quality vehicles to their customers and as a result, it is the customer who suffers in the end.

Unreliable cars are not only heavy for your wallet but are also a major source of concern for the driver as they can break down anywhere.

ICE Vehicles vs EVs In Terms Of Reliability

The internet is flooded with lists of unreliable gasoline-powered cars, however the same cannot be said for EVs. 

This is primarily because the electric vehicle platform is a relatively new technology, and with few automakers offering them, we need more time to make our conclusion whether EVs are less reliable than their ICE counterparts.

However, Tesla in particular has not performed that well in terms of reliability.

Tesla Is Especially Notorious

Tesla vehicles have already been plagued by poor workmanship and build quality, and there have been several Model 3 and Model S recalls.

Even in the recent past, the Model S received a software update that forced the company to recall thousands of vehicles.

EVs Yet To Stand The Test Of Time

While internal combustion engine vehicles have mostly established their standards and simply follow tested techniques, the electric market is still in its early stages. 

As a result, with few Standard Operating Procedures to follow, more unreliable cars (EVs) will likely be produced during the first few years.

Prone To Errors & Faults

Furthermore, because Tesla is a relatively new company with no rich history like Mercedes or Toyota, and because every task is so reliant on technology, these vehicles are extremely prone to errors and faults.

This is clear from the fact that even turning on the lights and wipers on Tesla models requires interacting with its software, and if a bug arises in the OS, the results are disastrous.

Stuck Model X Doors Cause Distress

There have been countless cases of Tesla Model X doors becoming stuck in cold weather, and with no way to get into the vehicles, drivers were forced to stay outside in the cold.

More Features Mean More Stuff That Can Go Wrong

Even the most recent Tesla Model S Plaid is a true technological marvel that allows drivers to customize the sound of the horn, but with so many options, the possibility of anything going wrong is also immense.


You know a vehicle is unreliable and can leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere when you even need a virtual button to honk the horn and this is exactly the case with the latest Tesla Model S Plaid.

Luxury Automobiles Are No Different

This is a problem that is not limited to Tesla rather it is is seen in all luxury automakers, regardless of their origin, which is why several German automobiles, such as BMW and Mercedes, experience reliability issues as they age.

Although Tesla has been trying hard to get over these problems, it has still not been able to match the reliability of an old school Toyota or any other Japanese manufacturer for that matter.

Tesla’s Reliability Situation Likely To Improve In Future

Tesla vehicles have very few moving components which means that the possibility of anything going wrong is lesser than the conventionally powered automobiles. However, as the technology of Tesla is still in its initial stage, this is why it is facing a lot of reliability issues for now.

In the times to come it is being anticipated that as Tesla learns from its mistakes it will become not only become more reliable but might as well be able to top the charts in terms of the most reliable cars available on the planet.

Final Verdict

While some Tesla vehicles top the charts in terms of unreliability during the present age, the situation might as well become the complete opposite in just a few years.

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