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VW ID.4 vs ID.3 – Which To Choose?
Tesla has been the number one EV manufacturer in the world for quite some time now. However, recent data suggests that German automaker VW is quickly gaining pace. The VW ID.4 and VW ID.3 are the two most famous electric vehicles from the brand and here we compare both these vehicles. This will help you… Read More
6 months ago By: Admin
Cupra Born 2022 Infotainment System & Interior Review
Cupra is a relatively less known brand that is owned by the German auto giant Volkswagen. The Cupra Born 2022 is a hot hatchback from the company. Being an electric vehicle, it is highly in demand these days. Here is a recent review video of Cupra Born 2022 infotainment system and interior. Huge Panoramic Roof… Read More
8 months ago By: Admin
VW ID.4 Driving Experience Review
The VW ID.4 is a step up from the ID.3 and is a bigger vehicle with more cabin space and a larger electric range. This makes the VW ID.4 a highly attractive vehicle. You can check out the video here. The crossover nature of the VW ID.4 means that it is more capable compared to… Read More
8 months ago By: Admin
Renault Zoe vs. Nissan Leaf: Which EV Is Best For You?
For all those looking to enter the electric vehicle segment, the Renault Zoe and Nissan Leaf are two great options. However, if you are in a fix and can’t decide which the best EV is for you when you put Renault Zoe vs. Nissan Leaf, this article compares both through different lenses. So stay tuned… Read More
8 months ago By: David Miller
Tesla Model S Full Review
The Tesla Model S is a vehicle for those who don’t just love innovation but also want to make a fashion statement. After all, who wants a boring vehicle when you can have a super-fast Model S with cutting edge technology and state of the art functions? The Model S is Tesla’s take on the… Read More
9 months ago By: Admin
Tesla Model 3 Review
The Tesla Model 3 is the bestselling EV in the whole world and it has been so for the past several years now. It is also the most sold electric vehicle ever which shows that the Model 3 has paid an active role in promoting EV adoption globally. Pricing The Tesla Model S starts at… Read More
9 months ago By: Admin
Polestar 2 vs Tesla Model 3: Which EV Is Right For You?
While Tesla has been the trailblazer in the EV segment, other companies have also joined the bandwagon. One such example is Volvo’s performance brand dubbed Polestar. The Polestar 2 is the company’s first all-electric vehicle and this makes it a perfect competitor for the Tesla Model 3. So here we see Polestar vs Tesla to… Read More
9 months ago By: Christian Thomas
Parking Assist Feature In Kia EV6
The Kia EV6 was titled Car of the Year 2022. That’s because the vehicle did exceptionally well in multiple categories. In this article, we delve into the parking assist feature of the Kia EV6 as  demonstrated in this video. Besides this, we also discuss the vehicle to load feature of the EV. What Is Parking… Read More
9 months ago By: Admin
Tesla Model X vs Tesla Model Y
As the electric and the SUV segments keep growing globally, Tesla now offers two different all-electric SUVs to its customers – Tesla Model X vs Y. The Model X was announced more than a decade ago and has been in production since 2015. The Model Y is still pretty new and the first vehicle was… Read More
10 months ago By: Jhon Tesla
Kia EV6 Interior Review – Kia EV6 Boot Space & Comfort
  As an increased number of automakers jump on the EV bandwagon, jaw-dropping acceleration is losing its allure. This is primarily because almost all EVs now provide high-quality performance. However, comfort remains a rare specialty for most vehicles in this segment. Aside from that, the amount of luggage you can carry on your EV is… Read More
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