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Cupra Born 2022 Infotainment System & Interior Review

Cupra is a relatively less known brand that is owned by the German auto giant Volkswagen. The Cupra Born 2022 is a hot hatchback from the company. Being an electric vehicle, it is highly in demand these days.

Here is a recent review video of Cupra Born 2022 infotainment system and interior.

Huge Panoramic Roof

As soon as you step into the vehicle, you are welcomed by the huge panoramic roof of the vehicle. By opening it up, the whole interior of the car is instantly illuminated.

The car’s interior is a great place to be. Although there are a few places where scratchy plastic has been used, the overall result looks fine. The fabric used on the dashboard gives it a decent look.

Cupra Born 2022 interior

Besides this, the different coloured panels present under the side air ventilators look quite impressive. The same shade is also carried in the centre console of the car.

Recycled Material Used In The Interior

The plastics used in the car are made up of recycled materials which makes sense as the world is moving forward to a more sustainable approach, particularly in the EV segment.

The dashboard also has a unique aesthetic to it which makes it stands out from the interior of most competitor vehicles.

There is no squeaking or rattling even when the car is put in the impressive Performance mode.

Steering Wheel Buttons & Sliders

The steering wheel has a mix of hard press and slider buttons. You can just slide your finger over them to change the volume and it can be done pretty quickly.

The presenter in the video mentions that the seats of the Cupra Born are quite good because they are bucket seats that complement the overall design aesthetic of the car.
How Do The Seats Feel?

The seats have a unique texture to them and due to their suede-like nature, they are really good to touch. Besides this, the massage feature of these seats makes them super comfortable.

The centre screen also allows drivers to select the driving mode with the simple push of a button. So, there is no need for those plastic buttons anymore.

Cupra Born 2022 infotainment system review
Android Auto & Apple CarPlay

The vehicle’s infotainment system is at par with the options from rivals and it features several modern-day features such as the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

This makes it convenient for users to connect their smartphones to the car and use the infotainment system with ease.

The 30,5 cm centre screen is big and bright and is one of the main attractions on the front side of the car.

A Laggy Experience, Sometimes

However, I must admit that the infotainment system otherwise is quite laggy and thus using it over longer periods can be a nagging experience.

Besides this, the system also crashes from time to time which further exacerbates the situation.

Cupra Born 2022 interior from above
Final Verdict

The Cupra Born 2022 is a great vehicle and the interior feels great. However, the company needs to work on improving the quality of the infotainment system if it has to compete with other brands in the market.

The rival VW ID.3, for example, has a great centre screen and infotainment system and as Cupra is a sub-brand of VW, it makes no sense why the Born lacks what the ID.3 has.

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