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BMW Limousine Class i7

Electric vehicles are the next big thing and all automakers want to have a piece of the pie.
BMW’s flagship 7 series has since always been the trendsetter in terms of innovation. The company aims to continue its tradition with the launch of the latest version of the 7 Series.

According to reports, the latest version of BMW’s limousine will also be offered in a fully electric drive terrain.

Several images of the vehicle have been released by BMW itself.  In addition, the vehicle has already been rendered by various sources.

The electric version of the new generation BMW 7 Series will be called the i7, to make it fully distinct from other variants.

Major Competitors

Existing major competitors of the BMW i7 include:

– Mercedes Benz EQS;

– Tesla Model S.

Exterior Design

According to the recent renders and spy shots, the all-new BMW i7 will follow the footsteps of other models from the brand.


The i7 will therefore feature huge kidney grills upfront. While some people might like the looks, the majority thinks that the design is far from beautiful.

Another expected change from other models will be the blue highlights to show the vehicle’s electric platform.


Although no official claims have yet been made, the i7 is likely to come with a minimum battery size of 100kWh.

This might sound enough on paper but considering the vehicle’s massive size, any battery smaller than this would have been inadequate.


BMW plans to install 200 kW fast chargers at public spots. This will enable car owners to quickly add a few extra miles to their vehicle’s current range while they enjoy a cup of tea.

The all-new i7 will have a range of 435 miles. The number lies close to what major competitors offer.

Here is the range of i7’s direct competitors:

– Mercedes EQS: 478 miles;

– Tesla Model S: 405 miles.

The performance version i7 M will have a lesser range due to its all-wheel-drive nature.

What Makes It Special?

The BMW i7 will sport BMW’s 5th generation eDrive technology. Besides this, the car will have dual motors to provide it added performance boost.

According to experts, the i7 could be BMW’s powerhouse, with power figures as high as 600 hp.

What Is The i7’s Current Status?

Car Magazine claims that the vehicle is currently undergoing testing in Sweden. The shots released by BMW suggest the same.

This area is particularly famous among automakers due to its rough terrain and extreme weather conditions.
What Else Do We Know?

Spy shots also suggest that the i7 is likely to feature a panoramic sunroof. In addition, the door handles will be flushed with the bodywork.

Mercedes Benz recently adopted this design with its latest S Class vehicle.

When Will The i7 Be Released?

The i7 is not a dedicated electric vehicle. Rather it is an EV variant of gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles.

Therefore, the i7 will be revealed with the other car variants in the mid of 2022. However, the car might not go for sale by the end of the year.

Final Verdict

The i7’s range and performance will be comparable to that of major competitors. However, the most recent spy shots indicate that the design language has undergone significant changes.

Only time will tell how BMW fans react to the next generation of this limousine, especially the electric i7 variant.

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