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VW ID.4 vs ID.3 – Which To Choose?
Tesla has been the number one EV manufacturer in the world for quite some time now. However, recent data suggests that German automaker VW is quickly gaining pace. The VW ID.4 and VW ID.3 are the two most famous electric vehicles from the brand and here we compare both these vehicles. This will help you… Read More
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New Kia EV6 2022 Full Review – Exterior, Interior and Performance
Built on Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP), the striking crossover, Kia EV6 is company’s first every fully electric vehicle. Kia’s one of the best cars ever made is challenging some of the best EVs in the market in its segment. With its class-topping balance of performance, range and features, Kia EV6 has set a new standard… Read More
7 months ago By: Admin
New Cupra Born EV 2022 Interior Review and Full Infotainment Guide
Its name taken from El Born in Barcelona, The Cupra Born is all new electric car from the Volkswagen owned EV manufacturer Cupra. Though very much identical to Volkswagen ID.3, Cupra has positioned the Born as the slightly sportier pick of the two. The interior of Cupra Born is noticeably clutter free, with practically all… Read More
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Kia EV6 Interior & Infotainment System Review
  Kia EV6 is one of the best electric vehicles out there right now. It is the first dedicated all-electric vehicle from the Korean automaker and I must say, it is a good one. The vehicle is not just aesthetically appealing on the outside rather the trend continues on the inside as well. The recent… Read More
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Ford Mustang Mach E Interior & Infotainment System Review
  The Ford Mustang Mach E is the first all-electric vehicle to be launched by the American giant. It has great looks on the outside which are surely going to turn some heads but what about the interior? The recent Ford Mustang Mach E review is a great way to look into the basics of… Read More
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Hyundai Ioniq 5 Infotainment System Review
  Hyundai and Kia are two Korean automakers that are setting the standard for other EV automakers. The Hyundai Ioniq 5 has been recently launched in 2022. This makes it one of the latest additions to the EV segment. The interior of the vehicle follows the contemporary exterior of the vehicle. The video review provides… Read More
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Inside Kia EV6 – Infotainment System and Dashboard Review
  The 2022 Kia EV6 is the company’s first dedicated EV, with its class-topping balance of performance, range and features, Kia’s first dedicated EV may be the best model the automaker has ever made. The EV6 is both high-tech and easy to get along with inside. In this video, we will be reviewing the Kia… Read More
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BMW iX Interior Tour and Review – iDrive 8 Infotainment System Review
Over the past decades, BMW cars have become more technologically advanced, and their infotainment systems have also evolved into a one place control center of the cars. The automaker debuted its new generation iDrive called iDrive 8, also known as the new BMW operating system, with the all-electric BMW iX. The latest iDrive 8 is… Read More
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Polestar 2 Miscellaneous features and Extended Review – Kick Open Boot, Toe Hitch and More
Here are some extra shots from our full Polestar 2 review. In this video, we review the exterior and the design of Polestar 2 and also talk about other miscellaneous attachments and features in the Polestar 2 like the kick open boot and the toe hitch. As a bonus we also show you how to… Read More
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Inside Audi E-Tron Quattro – In Depth Interior Tour, Dashboard Features and Entertainment System
German luxury automobile maker Audi has launched their electric cars line up called e-tron in various models which placed Audi in electric SUV space. Unlike other electric cars in the market which are focused primarily on power and performance, Audi has taken a slightly different approach with e-tron. The electric SUV from Audi focuses on… Read More
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