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Kia EV6 Interior & Infotainment System Review


Kia EV6 is one of the best electric vehicles out there right now. It is the first dedicated all-electric vehicle from the Korean automaker and I must say, it is a good one.

The vehicle is not just aesthetically appealing on the outside rather the trend continues on the inside as well.

The recent review provides an in-depth Kia EV6 review of the vehicle’s infotainment system and dashboard.

Kia EV6 Infotainment

The vehicle has a dual-screen infotainment system. The huge 12.3-inch display gives an upscale up-to-date touch to the vehicle which is the first thing you notice when you step into the EV6.

A Combination Of Two Screens

At first look, the entire display might look like one big screen however, it is a combination of two different displays which are:

  • Head screen;
  • Infotainment system.

While the infotainment system is responsive to touch, the head screen isn’t. It offers several options. One of these is the regenerative system which can be set using the levers on the steering wheel.

Easy To Choose Driving Modes

This screen also allows drivers to choose from the three different driving modes which are:

– Eco;

– Normal;

– Sport.

The Snow mode is also available but for choosing that, drivers have to hold the “Driving Mode” button for a few seconds.

The Kia Ev6 infotainment system is tremendously receptive and the smooth buttery feel instantaneously provides an upscale feeling.

What Can Be Done From The Center Screen?

Several options can be chosen from this screen which include but are not limited to:

  1. EV;
  2. Navigation;
  3. Phone;
  4. Media;
  5. Valet Mode;
  6. Phone projection;
  7. Voice memo.

The EV option provides in-depth detail about the remaining battery percentage as well as the range.

A Third Display That Makes Things Simple

The dashboard of the Kia EV6 has a third display as well. This is where you set your vehicle’s climate control functions.

However, the main benefit of having a display instead of hard buttons is that you can set your favourite shortcuts for handy usage.

In this way, you can choose the navigation, media, radio and some other features.

A Futuristic Interior

Another noteworthy feature is that when the small screen is used for shortcuts, the round knobs of the climate control, which normally adjust the intensity of the heating/cooling system, change to volume/tuning options.

The steering controls on the EV6 make it easier for drivers to change the tracks, volume or even accept calls.

The floating centre console of the vehicle is another section that distinguishes it from the competition due to its unique design.

Build Quality Is Impressive

Overall, the build quality is impressive and no part feels cheap. The cabin might not be too large but the general feeling it provides makes up for the compact space.
Final Verdict

The best part of the Kia EV6 interior is that while it feels modern, it doesn’t overcomplicate things just for the sake of it.

You can perform most functions with the push of a button and this comes in handy during daily urban driving.

Besides this, the huge displays give the interior a contemporary look that goes well with its EV nature.

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