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VW ID.4 Driving Experience Review

The VW ID.4 is a step up from the ID.3 and is a bigger vehicle with more cabin space and a larger electric range. This makes the VW ID.4 a highly attractive vehicle.

You can check out the video here.

The crossover nature of the VW ID.4 means that it is more capable compared to the smaller ID.3.

How Does The Interior Feel?

The build quality of the interior is quite good and there’s hardly anywhere on the inside of the car where you find cheap materials.

There are no crunching sounds even upon touching the plastic sections of the interior. This provides a premium feel to the car.


The cabin has a minimalist design but the overall feel it provides is quite modern which matches the modern-day electric drivetrain of the VW ID.4.

The interior has been thought over which is evident from the fact that it has a large number of charging points both at the front and for the rear passengers as well.

The piano black interior gives the passengers a great experience and it instantly pulls up the overall impression of the car.


The presenter in the video particularly likes the glass roof of the VW ID.4 and this panoramic roof is one of the highlights of the vehicle. Once open, the whole cabin instantly gets lit up.

VW ID.4 review interior seats
Which Safety Features Does It Have?

The car is equipped with several safety features such as

  • Blind spot monitor;
  • Setting speed limits for in-city driving;
  • Adaptive Cruise Control;
  • Driver Alert System.
Infotainment System

The infotainment system of the vehicle is quite imposing. You can choose a large number of options from this screen.

The best part of the infotainment system is that it shows no signs of lag which feels great on a day-to-day use basis.

VW ID.4 review infotainment system

This system provides the option of using the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay so you can mirror your smartphone screen on the centre screen.

Another unique option that the VW ID.4 offers to make the driving experience more engaging is the use of voice commands. You can say “Hello ID” and the vehicle will start listening and responding to you.

VW ID.4 review driving experience 1
The Steering Wheel Is Amazing

The steering wheel of the vehicle is well built and the buttons on it come in handy for adjusting several settings. These buttons also control the small screen present in front of the driver.

Although this screen isn’t receptive to touch, it can be effectively controlled through these steering wheel buttons.

These buttons vibrate when pressed which gives a premium feel to the driver. You can also slide on them to change the options or scroll through them.

How Does It Feel To Drive The VW ID.4?

Driving the VW ID.4 through the city traffic is no problem whatsoever. Due to the presence of huge electric batteries, the centre of gravity of the vehicle is quite low which helps in making it more stable.

The low body roll means that the cornering is done pretty well. This gives the car a relatively sporty feel but obviously, due to its huge size and height, you can’t turn too fast. The vehicle feels agile and the acceleration time is also pretty decent.

Another feature is that the vehicle also assists city driving by maintaining a safe distance from the front cars.


The VW ID.4 can drive for itself to some extent and thus drivers can take off their hands from the steering wheel for a while.

The best part that I liked about the vehicle’s driving experience is that it doesn’t allow drivers to change lanes without turning on the indicators.

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