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Polestar 2 Long Range Dual Motor 75kW

Battery Electric Vehicle | 75 - kWh*

The Polestar 2 is a battery electric 5-door liftback produced by the Swedish automaker Volvo under its Polestar sub-brand. Based on the CMA platform, production began in March 2020 at the Luqiao CMA Super Factory in Luqiao, China.
Porsche Taycan 4S Plus 83.7kW

Battery Electric Vehicle | 83.7 - kWh*

The Porsche Taycan is a battery electric saloon and shooting brake produced by German automobile manufacturer Porsche. The concept version of the Taycan, named the Porsche Mission E, debuted at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. The Taycan was revealed fully production-ready at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show.
Tesla Model S Long Range 95kW

Battery Electric Vehicle | 95 - kWh*

The Tesla Model S is an battery electric liftback produced by Tesla, Inc. It was introduced on June 22, 2012.[9] Tesla positions the Model S as its flagship model.