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Convert A Gasoline Car To Electric Or Replace It?

As the global trend shifts to EVs, the future looks bright for them, but it is also a source of worry for those who are concerned about what will happen to their existing gasoline-powered vehicles. So, in this article, we discuss whether in the coming years it is better to convert a gasoline car to an EV or to purchase a completely new one.

What Will We Do With Our Vintage Cars In 2040?

With most nations, including the United States and those in Europe, deciding to switch entirely to electric vehicles by 2040, demand for gasoline vehicles will plummet.

Some countries have gone so far as to specify the years after which gasoline and diesel vehicles will be completely banned for new sales.

convert a gasoline car Britain and France will ban the sale of new ICE vehicles in 2040

In such cases, the only option for people, particularly in first-world countries, will be to switch to EVs.

With thousands of vintage cars readily available, many people will opt for the option of converting them to electric models.

As there are currently very few options for doing so, anyone interested in this conversion must do so as a DIY project.

However, the world will be a very different place in 2040. I’m confident that by then many businesses will offer their services for the conversion from gasoline to electric.

How Will This Help In Reaching Circular Economy Targets?

As one of the most used products in our modern lives, cars in general, and their engines in particular, age as a result of the normal wear and tear.

By converting our existing gasoline vehicles to EVs, we will be able to keep them running for a longer period.

Substantial Global Savings By Transforming To Electric

The conversion of existing vehicles from gasoline to electric will result in significant cost savings because most gasoline engines currently in use will reach the end of their useful lives by 2040.

So, if these engines are replaced with electric motors, the existing vehicles will be used for an additional decade or so, assisting us in meeting the circular economy targets.

Furthermore, by completing this conversion, we will indirectly participate in the UN environment programme and contribute to the well-being of the planet.

Cost Of Converting A Gasoline Car To An EV

Presently, some individuals are way ahead of the game, as they are already converting their cars to EVs.

A Living Example Of Conversion From Gasoline To EV

Rich Benoit, for example, has already spent over €1,406 (£1,194) on converting his Mini to electric.

He has recently added a 24.09 kW motor that has 94.9 Nm torque to his car. The numbers might be small but so is the price. The motor has set him back €187 (£159) which seems like a bargain considering that he will be able to completely replace his vehicle’s gasoline engine.

While the prices for electric motors can range between €937 (£795) and €2,343 (£1,989), the options are plentiful, and interested individuals can choose the one that best suits their needs.

Benoit has set a €4,686 (£3,978) budget for converting his Mini to electric. However, for a real-world project, a car that works well will require nearly double this amount.

Final Verdict

As far as I think, converting a gasoline car to an EV is the better option because it requires only a few components of the car to be replaced while utilizing several of the already existing ones.

However, for the time being, the option to convert car to electric appears complicated due to the lack of any method or parts that can assist in this purpose.

So, in the end, the choice is yours. If you’re looking for an exhilarating DIY project, consider converting your gasoline vehicle to an electric one. Otherwise, simply go and buy a new electric vehicle to replace your gasoline car.

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