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Hyundai Deploys Bi-directional Charging Project In Utrecht With Ioniq 5

 As we see the onset of the EV domain, more and more companies are working on the Vehicle to Grid (V2G) technology.

For doing so, automakers are undergoing collaborations with other companies as well.

We recently covered news about Porsche in which the German automaker used several Taycan vehicles for a V2G project. Now, the Korean automaker, Hyundai is in the news for a similar reason.

The company has decided to team up with We Drive Solar. The reason behind this collaboration is that it aims to create a completely bi-directional region.

What Is We Drive Solar?

If you don’t know who We Drive Solar is, it is a shared car company that is involved in several sustainability-focused projects in the Netherlands.

Where Will The Project Take Place?

The district that has been chosen for this pilot project is Cartesius in Utrecht, Netherlands.

For now, we don’t know whether it will be a standalone project or will the two companies expand it to other locations as well.
What Is The Aim Of The Project?

The project targets to achieve a completely sustainable bi-directional energy system for the 2530 homes in this region. This will be the world’s first of its kind project and this is why both companies have high hopes for it.

This setup will be powered by solar panels and charging stations will be used for the Ioniq 5 vehicles.

It is pertinent to mention here that minor tweaking has been performed on these Ioniq 5 vehicles to make them ready for the V2G system.

Why Has The Ioniq 5 Been Chosen?

The Ioniq 5 was the perfect candidate for a project of this type and magnitude. It is the company’s first E-GMP platform based EV and has received global appreciation.

V2G is not the only idiosyncratic feature of the Ioniq 5. Rather the vehicle is also capable of the V2L system in which owners can use the vehicle as a source of power for their electric appliances.

What Is A Bi-Directional Charging System?

A bi-directional charging system for EVs, as the name gives away, is the one that has the capability of not just supplying electricity to the vehicle for charging it but also of taking back the charge from the vehicle to power the grid.

In simple words, a bi-directional charging system is based on two different modes of operation. So let’s discuss them one by one.

  • The first mode of operation in this system is the one in which the EV, just like all other electric appliances, receives power from the grid for charging purposes;
  • The second mode, however, is the one that differentiates it from a unidirectional charging system. It is also dubbed the Vehicle to Grid (V2G) system. In this mode, the EV supplies power back to the grid, as and when required.
Vehicle To Grid (V2G) System

Consider a case when your EV’s battery has been fully charged. If the grid is running low on power, your EV can act as a source. It can feed back the power to the grid and meanwhile make you some money.

You might have the question that if I use the same power I took from the grid, how I will make money. Well, many people install solar panels for charging their vehicles and then give back the power to the grid for making this money.

A V2G system is quite effective in that it helps in balancing the power requirements of the grid.

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