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Construction Starts On The World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm

As the world moves towards renewable sources of energy, more and more sustainable projects are being undertaken. The recent news from UK based Dogger Bank project is a ray of hope for all those who are seeking ways to keep the planet green. Construction has been started on this offshore wind farm project which is also the UK’s first wind farm to be connected by HVDC.
Stakeholders In The Dogger Bank Project

The following companies have stakes in the project:

  • Equinor from Norway has a share of 40% in the project;
  • SSE Renewables from the UK with 40% shares;
  • Eni Plentitude from Italy with a 20% share.

The project is said to be completed in three phases. Each phase will add 1.2 GW of power to the grid and thus as a whole, it will provide 3.6 GWs to the system.

Which Is Presently The World’s Largest Off-Shore Wind Farm?

While the Dogger Bank is on its way to quickly grabbing the title of the largest offshore wind farm in the world, the title is presently held by Hornsea Project One. This project was commissioned in 2019.

Even the Hornsea Project One is located in the UK and it has a total of 174 turbines. This system generates 1.2 GW which is one-third of what the Dogger Bank strives to achieve.

It is worth noting that the Hornsea Project Two is also currently under construction. This will add another 1.386 GW to the UK grid which means that the UK is working hard to shift over to renewable sources of energy.

How Many Offshore Wind Farms Exist In The World?

More than 67 offshore wind farms are presently operational in the world whereas the number of such projects under construction is 15.

These projects are located throughout the world but are concentrated in Europe. This is mainly because third world countries are not much concerned about how clean the air is, at least for now.

Rich countries like France, the Netherlands and the UK are especially absorbed in these ventures. This explains why these offshore projects are mostly located around such countries.

Why Does The World Want More Offshore Wind Farms?

The world is interested in offshore wind farms. There are several reasons behind this.

The act of Russia has forced European countries to think about mitigating their reliance on Russian oil.

The offshore wind farms offer a huge untapped potential which can very well fulfil the requirements of the world in the times to come.

Another reason why offshore wind farms are gaining fame is that the world wants clean energy.

The emphasis on renewable sources of energy has considerably increased in recent times. This is one of the main factors that has pushed the governments of developed nations toward these offshore wind farms.

Why Should We Drive An EV With Renewable Power?

The EV segment came into existence based on the whole idea of purifying the world from harmful emissions.

While EVs themselves fulfil this task, the power produced at the grid is often not that clean. This, in one way or the other, means that these EVs still play their role in damaging the global ecosystem.

That’s why we must always try our best to use a renewable source of power for driving EVs.

Even if our country is not investing in offshore wind farms at the moment, we can install panels in our personal capacity to play our roles in this regard.

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