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Tesla Updates Model S/X With The Ability To Tilt The Display

Tesla is known for offering state of the art technological features in its vehicles. However, this is not the only factor that makes Tesla vehicles special. The infotainment systems and the gargantuan screens on Tesla vehicles are also one of the reasons for their fame. According to reports, the automaker has recently brought another innovative feature to its Model S and X vehicles. These vehicles will now get displays that have a motor to swivel the center screens.

Why Has Tesla Added This New Feature?

This brings us to the question that why would Tesla do this? Well, the answer is obvious for anyone who regularly drives vehicles.

Due to reflection from the sunlight, the center screens often suffer from poor visibility. The newly added swivel feature will aid drivers and passengers in viewing these screens easily and clearly.


A major reason for introducing this feature is that Tesla now plans to add several in-car entertainment features.

What Entrainment Features Do Tesla Vehicles Already Have?

Tesla has been putting in a lot of effort in the vehicle entertainment domain. The company offered Tesla Theatre to vehicle owners as well as the ability to play video games in its cars.

Why Was A Hardware Update Due?

Several software updates have added a plethora of features to these cars but now Tesla feels it’s time for a hardware upgrade. That’s why it has decided to offer the motorized screen on its newer Model S and X vehicles.

Why Just The Model S & Model X?

The Model S and X vehicles are the company’s flagship vehicles in the sedan and SUV categories. This is why they are the first ones to receive this hardware upgrade.

Why Has Tesla Ditched The Vertical Screens?

Tesla has ditched its iconic vertical screens for the conventional horizontal displays. A major reason for doing so is that it’s easier to watch movies and videos on this type of display than on the previous ones.


However, the horizontal display still suffered from viewing angle issues and this is why the automaker has introduced the industry-first motorized swivel feature.

Tesla Hasn’t Overlooked The Rear Passengers

Besides this, the rear passengers get a display that has a gaming computer within it. This takes entertainment to the next level.

When Was This Feature Introduced?

If you are wondering when the swivel feature was added to the centre displays of Tesla Model S and X vehicles, we believe that Tesla added it during April.


However, we can’t say this with certainty because Tesla didn’t specify the date officially.

What Makes It A Great Feature?

The slight tilt that the new feature provides to the center screen makes it ideal for viewing not just by the drivers but also by the passengers.

What Can We Expect?

This is another one of the innovative features added by the company to benefit its owners and users.

What more features can we expect from Tesla? Well, we can’t comment on this because Tesla hardly reveals any information about what it is up to. Thus it makes it difficult for aficionados to predict anything from the company.

Final Verdict

Tesla has been doing a great job in the EV segment. It is a trailblazer which means that the company is always the one setting the standards for others to follow.

However, with the new BMW 7 Series adding a huge 81 cm diameter 8K display for the rear passengers, Tesla has to come up with a feature that keeps the back passengers entertained.

Thus, we can expect that Tesla might have some good news for such passengers of its cars in the times to come.

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