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Hyundai Releases More Info On Its New Hyundai Ioniq 6 Electrified Streamliner
The Hyundai Ioniq 5 was one of the most iconic EVs to this day. However, the more successful a vehicle is, the more difficult it becomes for the company to match its success in the future. Though it seems that Hyundai has the recipe for hitting jackpots one after another. This is why the Ioniq… Read More
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Polestar 5 – What Do We Know So Far?
Polestar is the performance brand of the world-renowned automotive company Volvo. For now, the company has only two models dubbed the Polestar 1 & 2 whereas according to reports the Polestar 3 will also be made available in the latter part of the current year. The Polestar 4 which will have an SUV format, will… Read More
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General Motors Buick Moves Electric With Buick’s Wildcat EV Concept
As the world is getting more and more conscious of emissions, the EV segment is growing at a rapid pace. The latest company to join the list of those pursuing their segment is GM’s Buick. It announced a concept last week that according to Buick decides the direction in which the company will move in… Read More
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Renault Scenic Vision Unveiled As Hydrogen/ Electric Hybrid Crossover
Until now the electric vehicle segment and the world of hydrogen vehicles have existed as two separate entities. However, this might just be about to change thanks to Renault. A concept EV dubbed Renault Scenic Vision will most probably have a hydrogen fuel-cell range extender. This will aid the EV battery in delivering more range.… Read More
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Mercedes G Class EV Will Get More Efficient Silicon Battery Tech From Ex-Tesla Engineers
The Mercedes G Class is one of the most iconic vehicles of all time. It is an SUV that is highly revered even among celebrities. However, even this boxy vehicle couldn’t resist the change to the EV platform. Thus, Mercedes is now working to offer an EV variant of the G Class as well. How… Read More
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VW Scout Brand Is Coming Back As Electric SUV
As the EV segment is shaping up, we are seeing newer and better brands come up. However, the recent news from VW is going to surprise not only the fans of the German automaker but also those of Scout. Resurrecting The Scout Brand According to recent reports, VW is working hard to bring the Scout… Read More
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Will Regenerative Braking Be The Only Way To Brake The Future EVs? New Stellantis Prototype Has No Brakes
Electric vehicles have entirely changed the way we see the automobile segment. This has been mainly because of their unique drivetrain. However, a recent prototype from Stellantis is now aiming at another vehicle part that we’ve seen all our lives, the conventional braking system. The prototype from Stellantis has been dubbed E Tense Performance. It… Read More
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According To Musk, Tesla’s Robotaxi Electric Car Will Cost Less Per Kilometers Than Bus Ticket
The Cyber Rodeo held at Tesla’s Austin Gigafactory was special because Elon Musk announced the Robotaxi at the event. According to recent news, Musk has recently revealed more information about the Robotaxi. What Does The Robotaxi Strive To Achieve? The primary aim of the vehicle will be public transportation. This is why it is striving… Read More
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Will DEUS Vayanne Be A New EV Revolution?
While the world of auto manufacturers is teeming, the EV segment still has a few limited players. This has also convinced several startups to offer their vehicles to this segment. One of them is DEUS Vayanne. Who Is DEUS & Why Is It In The Limelight Presently? DEUS is an automaker name that came into… Read More
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Sono Motors Signs Up A Finnish Manufacturer To Produce A Solar Powered Car
 Sono Motors is a Germany based automaker that came into existence almost seven years ago. It has high aims of producing solar powered cars and wants to enter commercial production by next year. The company recently came into the limelight when it announced a new partner that would assist Sono Motors in producing its solar… Read More
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