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DeLorean DMC-12 Is Resurrecting & Transforming Into An Electric DeLorean Evolved

DeLorean was a famous American vehicle manufacturer of the 1980s and the DMC-12 DeLorean was an iconic vehicle that is still known to this day for its contemporary design language (and films Back to the Future, of course).

DeLorean DMC-12

This is why many a time you must have heard rumours that the company is trying to resurrect the vehicle.

However, this time the news is true and it’s official but unlike the past variant, this version of the DeLorean won’t be powered by fossil fuels.

Rather, due to the vehicle’s advanced appearance and feel, the legendary automaker is now attempting to offer an electric vehicle with the gull-wings that are synonymous with the brand’s name.

By When Can We Expect The DeLorean?

This new EV will most probably be making its appearance at the concept lawn of the Pebble Beach in August 2022 during the Monterey Car Week.

The EV was announced through a social media campaign and was displayed in a video advertisement during the Super Bowl LVI.

Who Is Currently Running The Company?

The original company disintegrated several years ago however, currently, it is under the control of a French & English car mechanic named Stephen Wynne.

DeLorean owner is Stephen Wynne

It is worth noting that DeLorean provides spare parts to the nearly 6000 vehicles of the brand that are currently in existence.

What Do We Know About The EV?

So, for now, what do we know about the electric DeLorean? Well, not much. The only information that we have for now is from a picture of the highly anticipated electric vehicle.

This image was shared by DeLorean Motor Company’s official Twitter account.

DeLorean Evolved concept

It shows one-third of the rear end of the vehicle in which the taillight and the left shoulder of the car can be seen.

This has however been the way that most automakers reveal their vehicles these days. Therefore, the teaser will most probably soon be followed by another one that will disclose more information about the car.

The company’s CEO also stated in one of his LinkedIn posts that DeLorean is looking forward to sharing more details of the vehicle.

What Will Be The Vehicle’s Title?

The official name of the vehicle has been kept hidden for now and it will also be revealed in August. The Twitter post suggested it might be DeLorean Evolved.

So, interested fans will have to wait for four more months before they can get any further information about the car.

Stainless Steel Parts

One thing that we know for now is that the electric DeLorean will also have stainless steel body parts, just like the original  DeLorean DMC-12 vehicle, which will give it a distinct look.

Will It Ever Be Produced?

It is worth noting that while we are discussing the reveal date of the car, still the word being used for it is “concept”. So whether or not customers will be able to get their hands on the car remains to be seen.

It takes a lot of money to develop a vehicle and then put it into production. It remains to be seen whether electric DeLorean has what it takes to pass this stage.

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