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Mobile EV Charger Options In Europe

While the world of automotive is undergoing drastic changes because of the introduction of the electric platform, the number of electric charges available even in the most advanced countries of the world is pretty limited.

There are many places where electric chargers are not available even within a 100km radius and hence it becomes a sort of impossible to travel to such areas on an electric car.

Lightning Mobile

A Colorado-based company has seen a growth potential in this field and has thus offered a unique mechanism of offering mobile charging platforms for electric vehicles.

The company known as Lightning Systems charges up 192 kWh energy in a setup that has been specifically designed for charging EVs in times of emergency. 

This setup has been placed inside a van which makes it portable and thus can be carried whenever and wherever the need arises.

Lightning Mobile is unique because it can be charged by a standard 18 kW charger and then it can offer 80 kW DC fast charging to EVs that support fast charging. 


Another company known as RAC is also offering a similar charging system that provides EV owners with the freedom of going anywhere they want and in case they want to charge backup support, they can just call RAC for help.

BoostEV is another startup that is operating on a similar basis and thus EV enthusiasts are now referring to the company as the UberEats of electric vehicles.

According to recent research, the world is likely to adopt the mobile EV charging platform by 2030 and by then these temporary chargers will play a pivotal role in defining the future of the EV segment.
Potential For Mobile EV Chargers In Europe

While several European countries are performing well in terms of developing an electric vehicle charging infrastructure, there are still many countries like Greece where the number of electric chargers is less than 0.2 per 100 km of road.

This is mainly because startups and new companies are still not sure about the locations that work best for electric chargers and thus they are afraid that some of their chargers might become underutilized which will only bring loss for the company.

However, the result is an agonizing experience for EV owners who despite making the switch to a green platform, feel like they’ve made the wrong choice.

Under such scenarios, the need for mobile EV chargers is immense and it is mainly because of this reason that I feel that the European market offers the biggest scope for this cutting edge technology as the number of EVs in Europe is significantly higher than most parts of the world.

When Will The Technology Be Available In Europe?

Several major companies such as VW are already working on this technology and reports suggest that VW is serious about it and is taking it to another level by offering mobile chargers with impressive capacities such as 360 kWh.
Final Verdict

Mobile EV chargers are the future mainly because the world won’t be able to keep pace with the growing EV charger demands and thus the infrastructure of the electric chargers will have to depend upon mobile EV chargers.

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