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New Fiat Panda SUV To Launch In 2023

The booming EV market is reminiscent of high-end expensive vehicles that the average person can’t afford. 

Realizing this, many automakers are now taking drastic measures to introduce more economical versions of electric cars. 


The FIAT Panda EV is one such attempt from the Italian manufacturer that wants to take away the title of the cheapest EV manufacturer.

The company’s CEO recently also showed interest in revamping the overall line-up of the brand. According to him, this would be a great step in aligning the company to modern-day needs.

The new car is expected to be based on the Fiat Centoventi and the company’s 2019 concept vehicle. 

FIAT Making Serious Efforts To Bring Down Costs

Even at the time of the concept’s launch, the company had shown interest in bringing down the production costs by offering lesser color options to customers along with adopting a Spartan design.

A Pattern Similar To The 80s

It is also pertinent to mention that FIAT even in the 1980s adopted a similar economical approach for the Panda model. This helped the company in gaining massive popularity due to its relatively low priced vehicles.

Other Options Also In The Pipeline

In addition to the Panda Mini and the Panda SUV, FIAT is also interested in presenting other options to customers. According to FIAT’s CEO, the naming scheme for these vehicles is still under consideration.

What Makes The FIAT Panda EV So Special?

The interior will have several Plug n Play components including passenger and child seats along with storage pockets.

The exterior will also be unique in that it will be wrappable and the bumpers will be easily customizable. 

Interchangeable Roofs

Further to that, it is expected that the roof covers will be interchangeable so those who want a new look for every season will be able to make the most out of this feature.

Ability To Personalize The Dashboard Display

The biggest difference from current EVs will be on the dashboard, where passengers will be able to place not only their phones but also tablets if they require a larger display.

This will have several advantages which include

– It will not keep the vehicle’s interior bound to single screen size; 

– The UI version and the OS of the center screen will be according to the user’s requirements.

Those who prefer Android devices will be able to stick them to the dashboard, while Apple fans will always have the option of using iOS.
When Will It Be Available

If the statement of FIAT’s CEO that he delivered to Auto Express in September 2021 is to be believed, the vehicle is not far from production. 

He announced that a new model will be launched every year from 2023 onward but didn’t specify the exact year of offering the Panda EV SUV.


While most of the EVs have jaw-dropping price tags, this vehicle will cost around 30,000 Eur. This will be made possible due to the multiple cost-saving mechanisms adopted by the company.

This will be a great option for people who want to help keep the planet green but can’t afford the high-priced EVs from companies like Tesla and Mercedes.

Final Verdict

So, what makes the new Fiat Panda so special? Is it the low price or the unique design? Well, at least for me it is not both of these.

Rather, the ability to incorporate an ecosystem into your car that you’ve been using for the past couple of years distinguishes this new Panda EV SUV for me, and I’m eager to get my hands on one.

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