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New startup Fresco announces the electric crossover

Electric vehicles are already commonplace on the roads, with an increasing number of all-electric versions on the market. The electric effect is already in full swing, with major manufacturers pledging to offer a greater range of pure electric vehicles in the future, while diesel-dependent businesses are witnessing sales decline.

In recent years, automakers have promised electric vehicles with extremely long ranges. There’s so much variety that if you told someone ten years ago about it, they’d never believe it. The most recent is the Fresco XL, which ranges 620 miles per charge.

Fresco XL

Fresco, a Norwegian EV startup, has launched an 8-seater all-wheel-drive electric vehicle that claims to cover 1,000 kilometers on a single charge. Fresco Motors, which had previously revealed an idea car called Reverie, debuted its first electric vehicle just a few days ago.

The electric vehicle Fresco XL appears to be a sleek sedan with many of a minivan or MPV characteristics. The name XL most likely refers to the amount of space on the inside. The startup’s image of the vehicle does not convey the idea that it can fit eight people inside. It is said to have seats that can be folded flat to allow passengers to sleep on board.

The car will feature dual motors, which isn’t surprising, and will be built for “harsher climates.” Given Fresco’s Norwegian roots, we’re guessing the XL will be designed to perform better in the snow. On both sides, charging outlets have been provided for the car. A big battery has been fitted in the car to allow it to travel 1,000 kilometers on a single charge.


The battery cells will be double-stacked for optimal storage capacity, according to Fresco, and it will be vehicle-to-load capable. To put it another way, the main battery can power something other than the car. Typically, this means the automobile contains power outlets where you can plug in electronics, such as a laptop or a microwave, just like you would at home. This also means bidirectional power in many circumstances, which allows you to convert your car batteries into a home backup power supply or sell electricity to the grid.

Fresco hasn’t revealed anything about the XL electric car. It has only released one video of the model on its social media site. So that it may be guessed what this next car will be like. On the other hand, Fresco has begun taking pre-launch orders for the XL electric car. The Fresco XL may be pre-ordered for €1,000 ($1,466) with a €1,000 ($1,466) deposit. The car will eventually cost €100,000 ($114,666) and will be limited to 3,000 units, but there is no information on when it will be available.

Espen Kvalvik, the founder, CEO, and Chairman of the Norwegian EV business Fresco built the eight-seater Fresco XL electric vehicle. He stated that the XL electric vehicle features a fresh design language that departs from the outmoded sedan-style design. He has previously characterized electric vehicles as a “recent breath of fresh air.”

Fresco Motors’ mission is to provide better, simpler, and more luxurious lives for people who seek more than a basic form of transportation. Essentially, they wish to improve people’s quality of life by using electric automobiles. Their long-term ambition, though, clearly extends beyond cars.

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