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Meet Porsche’s New Competitor – Polestar O2

Polestar is a subsidiary of Volvo. That’s why most cars of the company carry the same footprint as Volvo cars.

The Polestar O2 Seems Promising

However, Polestar is now ready to take a completely new approach. The Polestar 5 aka Precept concept was the company’s first-ever vehicle to take on a more angular design. The latest O2 vehicle is the second in this format.

Polestar Wants To Set A Unique Identity

While most EV manufacturers have adopted the SUV format and will use it as a lucrative business model, a few automakers will also launch contemporary EV sports cars. Polestar is making it obvious that it wants to be a part of the latter group.

Polestar announced during the ending times of last year that the company will launch the Polestar 5 in 2024.

However, the O2 model has no plans of entering production anytime soon. Therefore, it will continue to work as a concept model for the time being.

Porsche’s New Competitor?

The head of Polestar Americas had revealed last year that the company aims to become a competitor of Porsche. This is because the company seems to be inspired by the success and technology of Porsche.

While Polestar has not categorically declared the O2 as the direct competitor of a Porsche 911, it surely looks quite intimidating with its bold design and modern looks.

Hero Car Of The Brand

When a futuristic company like Polestar claims the O2 as the hero car of its brand, it means that the company is introducing it as a competitor of the best.

Design Is Anything But Ordinary

The fenders at the front & the rear are pretty angular which gives the overall car a striking look. The backside of the car is particularly modish with the rear pillars extending towards the rear lights.

This not just adds to the character of the car but also gives it more road presence.

Polestar O2 Wheelbase

While no information about the car’s powertrain has been provided for now, we are certain that it will share its platform with the Polestar 5. However, the 109.9 inches wheelbase of the O2 is relatively shorter than the 122.0 inches of the Polestar 5.

The length of the Polestar O2 is more inclined towards the Lexus LC500 which is 113 inches whereas the Porsche 911 is relatively shorter with a length of 96.5 inches.

Materials Used In The Car Will Be Distinctive

Here are some of the unique materials to be used in the O2 for giving the vehicle a look at the future:

– Mono-material thermoplastics;

– Recycled polyester;

– Different graded of Aluminum for the frame.

Infotainment System

The infotainment system will be identical to that on the Polestar 5 but only better.

The company claims that the entertainment system of O2 will have more features than the former vehicle.
Autonomous Drone

If all of this is not enough to get your attention, wait for this one: the car will even have an autonomous drone of its own.

This drone will be able to launch while the car is in motion whereas while not being used, it will sit behind the rear seats.

The drone will be capable of chasing the car around 90 kph and drivers will use it to shoot videos of the car while in motion.

These videos will then be shared from the car’s display screen.
When Will It Be Available?

– For now, the company is heavily invested in launching the Polestar 3 by early 2023;

– After that, chances are that Polestar 4 & 5 will be launched during 2023 & 2024;

– Then the Polestar 5 will be offered in 2025 and as the Polestar O2 resembles a lot with this model, it is expected to be launched soon afterwards.

So, we shouldn’t be expecting it before 2026.

Final Verdict

The Polestar O2 seems to be a promising vehicle. Whether or not this concept car will be able to give a tough time to the Porsche 911 remains to be seen.

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