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Subaru Introduced The Electric STI Race Car Concept

With the growing global fame of the electric car segment, more and more companies are joining the bandwagon. 

Subaru was one of the companies that did not previously offer any EVs, which left fans wondering what the brand was up to.

However, things improved for Subaru this Friday when the company gained traction at the 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon with two fully electric vehicles, one of which was the Subaru STI race car.


The high-end performance car will feature four separate motors which combined will generate a total of 800 kW.

Yamaha Pitching In Its Role 

The Subaru STI race car will have a modular gearbox whereas its inverter will be manufactured by Yamaha.

This also confirms Yamaha’s earlier claim that its electric motors will power a few EVs in the coming years.

The Japanese company had made it clear that its motors will be used in hyper EVs which require excessive power.

Battery & Range

The Subaru STI race car will however have an extremely small 60kwh battery which is much smaller than the modern-day standards. 

This also explains that the company is not manufacturing the car with a high range in mind rather the focus is on performance and quick power delivery.

As a result, the vehicle’s primary goal will be to accelerate quickly off the starting line, utilizing the instantaneous torque that distinguishes all electric vehicles from conventional cars.
Outrageous Performance

The STI E-RA concept aims to achieve a Nürburgring lap time of 6 minutes and 40 seconds in the coming year, which seems exciting given that the Tesla Model S Plaid, the world’s quickest production car, does the same in 7 minutes 35 seconds.

Availability In Europe

The vehicle’s availability, especially in Europe, maybe too much to ask for right now.

The fact that the company has only recently unveiled the vehicle and that the attempt at the Nürburgring will take place sometime next year suggests that the brand is unsure how long it will take to deliver the results.

Subaru will only offer its super electric car to enthusiasts after this. As a result, don’t expect to see the Subaru STI race car in Europe before 2024.


The pricing will be released once the vehicle is publicly launched, and since no signs of that are currently on the horizon, not much can be said about the price except that it will be much higher for such a high-end performance.

Solterra STI Prototype

The second vehicle launched by Subaru was the Solterra STI prototype. This will be the sportier version of the upcoming SUV from the company.

Major changes in the Solterra STI concept as compared to the regular version of the SUV include but are not limited to:

– Side skirts;

– Spoiler;

– Roof racks.
Final Verdict

Subaru may be late to the field of EVs, but it has no plans to stop now, as demonstrated by the fact that it is not only entering the field but doing so in style with its supercar that will give competitors a run for their money.

Only time will tell how far the company can go in competing with the best in the field.

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