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Will DEUS Vayanne Be A New EV Revolution?

While the world of auto manufacturers is teeming, the EV segment still has a few limited players. This has also convinced several startups to offer their vehicles to this segment. One of them is DEUS Vayanne.

DEUS Vayanne
Who Is DEUS & Why Is It In The Limelight Presently?

DEUS is an automaker name that came into existence in Austria in 2020. The company is operating with one objective only, which is to stand out in the world of hypercars.

For this, DEUS is targeting to form the perfect combination of luxury, performance and snootiness.

The automaker recently unveiled its DEUS Vayanne EV at the New York Auto Show. The vehicle simply plans to blow all competitors out of the water.

Why Has It Been Named Vayanne?

This pops up an important question in our minds: Why has the vehicle been named Vayanne?

Well, the reason is that Austria’s capital city Vienna is pronounced as Vayanne in the German language which is the national language of DEUS’s country of origin.

DEUS Vayanne
Imposing Figures Might Start A New EV Revolution

During the launch, the company illustrated some jaw-dropping figures. These were backed by simulations of the EV.

DEUS claims that the new Vayanne has:

  • Power: 1640 kW (2200 hp);
  • Torque: 2000 Nm;
  • Top Speed: 400 kph;
  • Acceleration: 0 to 100 kph in 1.99 seconds.
On Its Way To Starting A New EV Revolution?

These numbers are unheard of before this in the electric vehicle segment. So, if the company can deliver on its promises, it might be setting up a new revolution in the world of electric vehicles.

It is also worth noting that for supporting such hypercar performance figures and innovations, the company has used extra light premium quality materials.

Vayanne might start a new EV revolution

The drag force of the car is extremely low for helping it deliver such extraordinary numbers.

Even Faster Than The Quickest Production Car Of The World

It is, however, to be noted that the Tesla Model S Plaid which is a four-door sedan claims the 1.99 seconds mark for the 0 to 97 kph acceleration.

That vehicle is already in production and is awing the world for now by being the fastest production car in the world.

However, the DEUS Vayanne takes things a bit further by reaching not just 97 kph from a standstill but 100 kph in the same interval, making it even faster than the Model S Plaid.

This makes us believe that the new EV revolution is just across the corner and the DEUS Vayanne might just be the tipping point.

When Will The DEUS Vayanne Be Available?

With major companies such as Italdesign and Williams Advanced Engineering assisting it, Vayanne plans to hit the road by 2025.

How Many Of Them Will Be Produced?

Hypercars have to be rare to maintain their status of being, well, “Hyper”. This is why DEUS has decided that the company will limit the production figures to just 99.

DEUS Vayanne is a hypercar
What Will Be The Price?

No information about pricing has yet been revealed but we believe that it will have a huge price tag to go along with the hypercar moniker.

Who’ll Be Able To Buy It?

We don’t know whether the sales will be by invitation only or will anyone be able to get one.

But with that said, it is to be mentioned that we have to wait until 2025 to see whether or not the DEUS Vayanne actually makes to production or does it fly away in thin air like many other concept cars before it have.

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