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2023 Tesla Roadster: What To Expect?

When it comes to the Tesla Roadster, the automaker has been in the limelight for the past 5 years.


Back in 2017, it was first announced that the Tesla Roadster would be launched in 2020, however, the vehicle is yet to be seen.

Impressive Figure Make The Tesla Roadster More Appealing

Back then when the vehicle was announced, astonishing figures of 1.9s for the 0 to 96 kph were given. In addition to this, it was also proclaimed that the Tesla Roadster would be able to each 965 km range with a single charge

It was because of these impressive figures that potential buyers set aside huge sums of money ranging from €44,000 to €220,000 for this impressive technological marvel.

Expect More Delays, Even After 2023

Several delays were experienced by the automaker when it came to the Tesla Roadster and later on it was announced that it will be launched in 2022.

However, according to recent reports from one of the company’s senior executives, the launch date for the Tesla Roadster has once again been postponed to 2023 which is not something unseen when it comes to Tesla.

A Blessing In Disguise?

Tesla’s senior executive proclaimed boastfully that the company has been undertaking various experiments and acquiring knowledge from them. 

He also stated that all of the knowledge repositories that are being added to Tesla will eventually make their way to the Roadster, which will make it a much better vehicle than it was originally intended to be.

He also categorically announced that the Plaid platform has been a great source of learning for the company.

Elon Musk’s Claims

It is also worth noting that the flamboyant Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been reported saying that the Tesla Roadster will be launched in the SpaceX variant as well which, according to some sources, will feature a mind-boggling acceleration time of 1.1 seconds for the 0 to 96 kph.

Will It Be Available In 2023?

However, no matter how good the vehicle is on paper facts can only be stated once the vehicle is available in a tangible form, so this brings us to the final question when will the Tesla Roadster be available?

As previously stated, Tesla’s CEO recently stated that the Tesla Roadster will be available in 2023; however, he stated this with the caveat that 2022 not be full of drama.

What Does Elon Musk Mean When He Says Mega Drama?

Only Musk knows what he means by this term, but we can assume that he implies that if everything in the production line goes according to plan, the Tesla Roadster should be available in 2023.

Final Verdict

While the Tesla Roadster is already two years late as compared to when it was supposed to hit the market, the company is still not sure about where it is headed.

This might not be a good sign for those who have set aside huge amounts of money for this car of the future but there isn’t much they can do other than wait for the Tesla Roadster.

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