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2024 Fisker Pear – First Look At The Concept

If you’ve never heard of Fisker, you might not be alone. After all, it’s a relatively small company that is based in the United States. However, it is worth knowing that Foxconn, the telecom giant is behind the Fisker brand name which means that the company has strong support and is here to last.


Previously we heard that the company is offering an SUV dubbed Ocean. However, according to the latest reports, a second vehicle from the company is also on its way soon. This vehicle will be called 2024 Fisker Pear which stands for Personal Electric Automotive Revolution.

2024 Fisker Pear model
The 2024 Fisker Pear Cost?

Fisker recently revealed information about the 2024 Fisker Pear which is expected to be priced at around €28,700 (£24,400) for the base model.

However, if we take into account the Federal EV tax credit available in the US, the vehicle will cost much lesser and will thus be one of the most affordable family electric vehicles in 2024.

Where Will The Vehicles Be Manufactured & When?

The vehicle will be produced in the Ohio factory that previously operated as a GM plant. The 2024 Fisker Pear will enter production in 2024 which means that the company is now confident about its latest offering.

GM stopped the production of its vehicles at this plant because it didn’t allow the company to manufacture as many vehicle options as several other facilities did.

However, GM had to spend billions of euros for renovating its other production units.

How Many Vehicles Will Be Produced?

The company has no plans of coming slow. That’s why it is now aiming at an annual production figure of nearly quarter a million units.

2024 Fisker Pear concept

In the times to come, Fisker is even targeting a figure of around 400,000 vehicles per year. While this may seem huge, Fisker is all set to reach this milestone.

Fisker recently teased the 2024 Pear with the image shown above. It is being anticipated that this image reflects the green nature of the vehicle which it aims to achieve by adopting the electric platform.

What Makes The Fisker Pear Unique?

The Fisker Pear is unique in that it has a plethora of modern-day features. The wraparound front windscreen of the vehicle is a highly attractive design that mimics the glass canopy of a glider.

This not just looks super cool but also increases the ability of the driver to see things upfront while driving the vehicle.

It seems that Fisker has also added a few other neat features that it doesn’t want to reveal for now. Maybe the company is saving them for the launch date.

However, we are certain that Fisker is doing something extraordinary as it stated that the different features and technological solutions of the 2024 Fisker Pear aim to change the way we operate our vehicles in the city.


The 2024 Fisker Pear will have a range of around 402 km on a single charge which is not too impressive but when you consider the price of the vehicle, it starts making sense.

Which Variants Will Be Offered?

While no official announcement has yet been made about this, we believe that the 2024 Fisker Pear will be offered in the following four different trims:

  • Sport;
  • Ultra;
  • Extreme.
Final Verdict

The company is yet to reveal further information about the vehicle but it is expected to be impressive enough to attract a large number of customers.

If Fisker is targeting production figures of a quarter a million annually, it means that it is confident that its vehicles will have what it takes to get to such huge sales figures.

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