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A Boom In Electric Scooters Is Noticeable. Here Is Why

The European market is particularly concerned about reducing global CO2 emissions and shifting to renewable energy. Besides this, the EU has also defined 2035 as the final year after which the sales of new ICE vehicles will be banned. This means that the world is looking for a mobility alternative and is thus heading in just one direction which is towards the electric platform. This has convinced several customers to buy electric vehicles. However, everyone cannot afford these relatively expensive EVs which is why the market for e-bikes and electric scooters is also thriving.

Electric scooters
Rising Gas Prices Causing Electric Scooter Boom

Another factor that has contributed to the development of the electric scooter segment, in particular, is the soaring gas prices.

The Russia-Ukraine war has pushed gas prices to an extremely high level. This is not the first time that the prices of fossil fuels have seen a drastic increase.

This however has been a blessing in disguise for the electric scooter manufacturing companies.

Their Maneuverability Is Unmatchable

There are some other reasons as well why electric scooters are now seeing a boom. One of them is the maneuverability that they offer to the riders. They can breeze through the urban traffic.

People are riding scooters even with animals

Rather most users report that their transport times have reduced drastically since their shift to electric scooters.

Much Cheaper Than EVs

These scooters are much cheaper than the ICE vehicles and EVs and this is also one of the reasons that even university students can buy one and easily use it.

A few years ago, these compact-sized electric powered scooters were considered a novelty. However, thanks to their main scale production, they can now be had for just a fraction of what they used to cost in the past.

Less Charging Costs

They are much more efficient because of their small size and thus require lesser money for being charged. This is also an important factor for students and young individuals who don’t have many resources to expend.

No Need To Worry About Parking Spots Anymore

Parking cars and even bikes is a major issue in almost all bustling modern-day cities. These electric scooters can however be parked easily which makes them even more attractive.

Electric scooters in the city
Who Started This Electric Scooter Revolution?

I would also like to highlight that the credit for introducing these electric scooters to the general public goes mainly to shared e-scooter companies.

These companies illustrated how convenient these electric scooters are. They demonstrated new dynamics of operation of these scooters by illustrating:

  • How cheap it is to operate them;
  • How they liberate you from the struggle of finding a parking spot during peak hours;
  • How you can move through traffic congestions with ease.

So how is the market responding to these electric scooters? Here are a few facts:

  • In some parts of the world, 70% more electric scooters are now being sold than the last year;
  • Due to the increase in gasoline prices, some areas sold nearly twice as many electric scooters as they did the month before the Russia-Ukraine war.
What Can Be Expected For The Future?

As the price of gasoline and other commodities is steadily increasing, the demand for electric scooters will also go on increasing with time.

They are presently the favorite mode of transport for several individuals, particularly youngsters.

How Much Do They Cost?

You can have a small electric scooter for as little as €450. This is just a fraction of what an EV costs.

Such scooters can easily travel around 80km on a single charge and can attain speeds as high as 30 kph.

Final Verdict

The electric scooter segment is thriving and it is expected to continue this trend in the future due to its added advantages over electric vehicles and e-bikes.

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