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A-Ride Powerful Full-Suspension Electric Bike Crossover

Here is we review A-Ride powerful full-suspension electric bike crossover.

The electric platform is taking over all segments at a pace that we didn’t even expect and when even the bikes and scooters start going down the electric lane, you know that the matter has become really serious.

A similar example is the A-Ride which is offered by a Canadian company that thinks the segment still has a lot of growth potential and this is why it has offered its product to meet the needs of customers looking to be the trendsetters in their lot. 

A-Ride electric bike review 2

This highly capable machine from the company is a mixture of a bike and a scooter and the overall capabilities it offers to customers are multifarious which is why it is so high in demand right now. 

High Maneuverability & Ease Of Riding 

Due to its compact size and electric nature, the A-Ride can maneuver through the heavy traffic and riders won’t have to touch the pedal even once which makes it a great option for those who want to get to places, really quickly but are often barred by constraints.

Resemblance With A Scooter Is Uncanny

From a distance, it looks like a bike with wide tires but you soon realize that the frame has nothing to do with a bike and follows in the footsteps of a scooter.

First Appearance

Offered for initial looks to the public at the CES 2022, the A-Ride is anything but ordinary and this is why, in no time, it has been able to grab a lot of attention.

What Makes It Special?

One of the major concerns of most people about such electric bikes is the small size of their tires which at times makes it difficult for the riders to drive them at high speeds. 

A-Ride electric bike review

The A-Ride has been meticulously thought over and thus the 61 cm wheels take away even the most minor apprehensions.

Useful Features Of The A-Ride Scooter

Other features that give extra utility to the bike include:

– A full-size carrier at the back that can carry a small-sized bag for everyday use;

– Fender sides that not only provide extra support but also give the bike an aesthetically pleasing form;

– A colored display provides in-detail information about the rider’s trip, the speed and also informs about other vital information such as the remaining battery percentage.

However, what makes the bike a class-leading product is that it even offers the provision of installing a handlebar kit which means that with this bike, you can even take a kid along for a ride.

Range & Motors

The 80km range of the A-Ride is considered fairly large for a bike. It is powered by a 500W motor, however, the option of switching over to the 1000W motor also exists.

A-Ride unmatched power and range

The best part is that the A-Ride has a geared motor and thus most riders won’t have any difficulty in complying with the rules of the different regions where they get it. 

Top Speed Of the A-Ride

The top speed of 32 km/h means that riders can cover a considerable distance in a small period, thanks to this latest bike. 

However, during the off-road mode, the speed limit can be removed and the bike can travel even faster than this.


Pricing however is the main feature that is likely to push individuals away as the 4845 Eur mark is too steep for just a bike that at most carries one adult and a kid.

Even the parts are too expensive. For example, the rear and surf racks cost 220 Eur and 167 Eur respectively.

A-Ride electric bike

The A-Ride can be purchased from the company’s website, however when I checked, all variants i.e. the black and blue one were sold out in the 500W configuration and only the 1000W option was available.

Final Verdict

With such a heavy price tag, the A-Ride might not be a compelling product but we have to agree that it is one of the if not the, best electric bikes presently available.

Overall, the design is always a subjective matter but as I have never been a big fan of scooters, it didn’t fascinate me much but for people who are fine with this type of body styling, the A-Ride can be a good option.

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