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New Alpha Motors Saga Estate Returns In Retro Style

In this article we introduce new Alpha Motors Saga Estate which returns in retro style.

Alpha Motors has stayed in the news off and on due to its pursuit of the EV segment and this time the company seems determined to offer an estate variant instead of the sedan. 

A company rarely goes down the lane of offering an all-electric estate. The EV market is brimming with passenger cars, SUVs and crossovers but the estate segment still seems very less populated.

Alpha Motors Saga Estate Retro Style 2

The recent renders specifically show the details of how the company might offer its vehicle to interested customers.

Different From The Sedan Version

The Alpha Motors Saga that we previously saw was in the form of a sedan that appeared to belong to the 90s era but the latest render shows an estate having an elongated roof that offers more storage space.

The increased storage space of the Estate variant will offer a capacity of approximately 991 liters in contrast to the 567 liters of the sedan version.

Here is how the sedan version looked in the renders that we saw earlier. I must say that the sedan had a sportier and aesthetically pleasing design than the estate version.
Attention-Grabbing Design

The vehicle’s design might not be unique but is at least attention-grabbing especially for the EV segment where most competitors are fighting for the most modern look but Alpha Motors has taken the alternate route by adopting an old school approach.

Alpha Motors Saga Estate Attention-Grabbing Design
A Vehicle For The Daredevils

The estate variant shown in the recently launched photos even has a roof rack with a surfboard that bolsters the vehicle’s appearance as a great option for trendy and daredevil individuals.

Electric Motors & Battery Capacity

The front and rear axles of the Alpha Motors Saga Estate will be powered by electric motors.

With an estimated range of around 483 kilometers, the Li-ion battery of the Alpha Motors Saga seems sufficient with its 80 kWh capacity.

This is much higher than the battery options that several other manufacturers are presenting for their EVs.

Charging Mechanism

While charging on a DC source, the vehicle’s battery is expected to get 80% charged within one hour. 

This is great, considering that with this much battery charging at their disposal, owners will be able to travel a considerable distance. 

Performance Isn’t Too Impressive

Performance is below par with the company claiming to hit 0 to 97 km/h in 6.2 seconds which is much slower than what most modern-day EVs offer.

When Will It Be Available?

Although no information has yet been provided about when the production of the Estate variant will start, rumors have that the vehicle will be made available in Q3 of 2023, which leaves very little time for the company.


As the vehicle is not currently in production, no definite information about pricing exists.

However, there are two different news regarding the price of the Alpha Motors Estate variant in the market.

According to the first one, the vehicle will be offered in the range between €31,000 (£26,315) and €40,000 (£34,000). This seems to be a fairly rational price.

A Direct Competitor To The Tesla Model 3?

However, some news sources also claim that the price might be between €39,000 (£33,106) and €48,000 (£40,746), which will put it in direct competition with the Tesla Model 3 giving it a run for its money.

Final Verdict

The production of the vehicle is not yet on the horizon so not much can be said about the final product however fans have high hopes for the brand that has been creating news for quite some time now.

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