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New Apollo City 2022 Electric Scooter Review

As the world feels determined to embark on a journey towards a greener future, the electric scooter segment is gaining pace. The Apollo City 2022 is yet another electric scooter from a famous manufacturer that has often been linked to such high-quality mobility machines.

Apollo City scooter
It’s A Product With A Purpose

However, this time the company has come up with this product with a purpose. It strives to listen to customers’ feedback and deliver what Apollo missed in the previous iterations.

How Is Its Design A Complete Revolution?

The design of most scooters is almost the same. You don’t get to see much innovation here & well we can’t blame the manufacturers either. That’s because most customers looking for such devices want to get their scooters at low prices.

Thus what most companies do is that they stick together several generic parts and come up with a new model. This keeps a check on the overall production cost of these electric scooters but also translates to the bland design that we normally see.

Apollo City wheels

For the new City, Apollo went back to the drawing board and designed everything from scratch.

This has ensured the structural integrity of parts making this scooter not only stronger but also giving more freedom to Apollo regarding the design of the City.

How Has Apollo Listened To Feedback?

When Apollo says that it has listened to the customer feedback while designing and manufacturing the Apollo City 2022, we believe the company.

This is because we can see the significant changes that the design language now possesses which were missing in the previous models.

TouchPoints Have Been Drastically Improved

The touchpoints of electric scooters, rather all scooters in general, are their handlebars and decks.

Apollo has worked on refining both these parts. The handlebar of this new scooter now has a wide array of features that can be easily accessed by riders.

Apollo City handlebar

Besides this, the deck has also been widened which means that riders get more space so they can great foot placement area.

Does It Have Two Throttles?

The most obvious change that you expect right off the bat is the existence of two throttles. However, the left side lever works for regenerative braking which again is an impressive feature of this scooter that helps in improving the range.

Although City has drum brakes most riders claim they don’t need to use them very often, thanks to the regenerative feature.

Other Impressive Features

When we claim that the Apollo City 2022 is an electric scooter of the future, we say so because of impressive features like:

  • A small screen displaying vital information;
  • A bell button to notify the traffic about your presence;
  • Turn signals to make your riding experience safer.
electric scooter
Motors & Performance

You get the following motors for the two different models of this scooter:

  • City: 500W;
  • City Pro: Dual 500W motors.

Each 500W motor has a peak rating of 1,000W and thus the City Pro is a powerful machine with a peak power of 2,000W.

The top speeds of the two models are as follows:

  • City: 43.5 kph;
  • City Pro: 51.5 kph.
Battery & Range

The batteries of the two variants are:

  • City: 13.5 Ah;
  • City Pro: 18 Ah.

This means that the two electric scooters can travel this many kilometers on a full charge:

  • City: 48 km;
  • City Pro: 61 km.
How Much Does It Weigh?

The City variant weighs 26 kg and is a bit lighter than the 29.5 kg City Pro Apollo electric scooter.

City Scooter variant weights 26 kg

As already mentioned, the Apollo City 2022 has been designed from scratch with superior quality materials. That’s why the price of this scooter is a bit higher than the other options available on the market.

You can have these bikes at the following prices:

  • City: €1,230 (£849);
  • City Pro: €1,516 (£1,249).
Final Verdict

If you are looking for a high-end electric scooter, the Apollo City 2022 is your best bet for now and we are happy to report that it is great value for money.

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