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Is Apple AirPlay Coming To Tesla Vehicles?

In this article we delve and answer the question is Apple AirPlay coming to Tesla vehicles or not.

Tesla vehicles are known throughout the world for their state of the art technology. These cars are so modern and trendy that several features present in these vehicles are missing even in the products of other well set automakers.

This is why it makes complete sense that the owners of such vehicles have become accustomed to only the best.

Apple AirPlay coming to Tesla infotainment system innovations

However, according to recent news, the company itself was not satisfied with the audio output from the current Bluetooth technology and has thus decided to switch over to move to a better option.

Tesla Finally Going For Apple AirPlay

It is anticipated that Tesla is considering adopting the Apple AirPlay technology for its vehicles. This was also confirmed by the company’s CEO Elon Musk recently.

Apple AirPlay coming to Tesla innovations
Great Audio Quality Of Tesla’s EVs

It is worth noting however that the audio system in these cars is already pretty high quality. Rather it is so good that users often compare it with well-set brands such as Bang & Olufsen.

What Makes Tesla’s Audio Quality So Good?

When a Tesla reviewer made a comparison of Tesla’s audio system with that of B&O, Elon Musk confirmed that many of the staff related to the audio system of Tesla vehicles previously worked at renowned brands such as B&O.

Apple AirPlay coming to Tesla infotainment system

Elon further added that Tesla’s system is highly programmable which enables the company to further improve the quality of audio through over the air codec updates.

Complaints Received From Customers

Customers often complained about the lack of ability to play audio of different types by connecting their smartphones through the existing Bluetooth technology.

These customers also recommended that Tesla should adopt the Apple AirPlay technology which will enable the company to provide a much better audio experience to its customers.

In response to this, Elon Musk had said that the option can be discussed with Tesla’s audio team.

What Exactly Is AirPlay?

For those of you who are not well accustomed to the Apple ecosystem, they might be wondering what the AirPlay is and why is it superior to the current Bluetooth technology.

Well, in simple words, AirPlay is the proprietary software of Apple that the company has developed to provide ease of connectivity with other devices.

This is a highly advanced wireless communication system that employs Wi-Fi technology instead of Bluetooth.

How Tesla Vehicles Are Suited For Apple AirPlay?

Normally vehicles are limited and can’t make use of the AirPlay technology as they don’t possess Wi-Fi.

However, Tesla vehicles are already equipped with this technology. Thus, all the pre-requisites for using the Apple AirPlay system are present in the Tesla vehicles.

If this is the case, then why has Tesla not adopted the AirPlay technology already? Well, that’s mainly because Tesla has been reluctant to rely on Apple.

There might be other reasons behind it. However, one of the most obvious ones is that Apple itself is in the process of developing its electric car which will be a direct competitor of Tesla’s EVs.

Elon now feels that adopting the AirPlay technology will improve the audio quality. Thus he is trying to go for the deal, finally.

Final Verdict

The introduction of Apple AirPlay to the system of Tesla vehicles will be a great step for the end-users.

This will enable the customers to enjoy a high-quality audio experience.

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