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Audi Opens First Lounge Style EV Charging Hub In Germany

The world of electric vehicles is seeing rapid progress. Thus, the charging mechanism for these cars is also undergoing dramatic changes. Germany is an industry leader in the development of cutting edge EVs. Therefore, the recent developments in this field have come from this country. So, what exactly is Audi’s strategy for the segment? Let’s take a look. According to recent reports, Audi is planning to build Charging Hubs in Germany with six 300kW charging stations each.

These Charging Hubs will have a total capacity of 2.45 Mwh and they will be powered by 200 kW power connections.

By linking this Charging Hub to a green source of energy, such as a solar power generation system, the overall setup will be wholly safe for the environment, ensuring not only a near-zero carbon footprint but also zero generation emissions.

Premium Lounges Upstairs

These fast-charging hubs will be quicker than traditional chargers but will still need time to charge EV batteries. So, Audi aims to establish a premium lounge area on top of each Charging Hub in Germany.

Audi charging hubs in Germany lounge

This will make it easier for owners of such vehicles to relax while their vehicle charges up.

Why Are These Charging Hubs Important?

These charging hubs are momentous for all EV owners. However, they are crucial for residents who cannot install chargers at home.
Audi charging hubs in Germany concept

What Amenities Will The Lounges Offer?

EV owners will derive the following benefits from these charging hubs and lounges:

– Ability to fast charge their vehicles;

– Engage in lively conversations with other EV owners;

– Have a fine dining experience.

This is because the lounges will offer a wide variety of drinks and snacks to car owners. So, while they relax, their car will get energised.

Why Are Charging Hubs Important For Petrol Stations?

Electric vehicles do not require gasoline. This might make you think that gas stations will no longer be essential.

However, the significance of gas stations is likely to grow in the future for electric vehicles as well. Here is why:

High Traffic At Gas Stations Might Attract Big Brands

Gas stations with high traffic will attract big brands. Such brands might set up their charging stations similar to Audi’s Charging Hub at these gas stations.

New Earning Opportunities For Gas Station Owners

Adding these charging hubs can offer new streams of income for gas station owners. They will be able to run their existing stations with few modifications.

Change In Business Models

This implies that due to the increase in demand for EVs, gas station owners will have to change their business models. This is what they will need to do:

– Add fast-charging electric stations;

– Offer premium lounges to waiting customers.

Final Verdict

Audi’s EV Charging Hubs are a step in the right direction. However, key automakers need to put in a major investment to meet the growing requirements of EVs.

Furthermore, gas station owners can benefit from the opportunities provided by this cutting-edge technology whilst incorporating it into their system.

They will not only make their business more successful but will also become a part of the go-green campaign.

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