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Bentley’s Goal To Become All Electric By 2030

Bentley is a part of the German VW Group which is why, following in the footsteps of its parent company, it is also taking the shift to EV mode more seriously now, than ever before.

This falls in line with what other VW Group’s sub-brands such as Audi & Porsche are already doing.

Bentley recently announced that the company is looking forward to going all-electric by 2030 for achieving carbon neutrality.

The “Beyond100” initiative recently launched by the company speaks highly of what the company aspires to achieve and with an expected investment of around 3 billion Euros, it is not projected to come cheap.
What Was Bentley’s Previous Stance?

Previously, Bentley didn’t seem to be much bothered by the gas-guzzling engines that its flagship vehicles sported.

Going Green Was Not A Priority

These engines had great performance figures but were a long way from the “Go Green” concept and this was perfectly illustrated by the fact that in its entire line-up, the PHEV Bentayga was the only vehicle going down this lane.

In addition to this, the plug-in variant of the Flying Spur was also expected to be launched soon but no final date has yet been provided in several markets.
Well, Not Anymore

Things have now taken a drastic turn as the company seems to be heavily invested in the EV field. 

For going all-electric, the first step being taken by the company is the conversion of the UK factory to make it capable of producing electric vehicles.

This seems to be a highly ambitious plan as the factory currently employs more than 4000 professionals and with just 8 years to go, the transition will not be easy.

Five-In-Five Plan

Bentley is aspirant to achieve the all-electric benchmark by the year 2030 and with the transformation starting in 2025, the company has decided to launch one EV variant each year.
What Does The Bentley’s Senior Management Say About This?

As of now, no details as to which EVs will be launched has been provided, however, Bentley’s senior management seems confident when it comes to making bold claims.

Bentley’s board member for Research and Development, Dr. Matthias Rabe was recently quoted saying that the company is redefining sustainable luxury.
Why Is Bentley So Convinced To Shift To The Electric Paradigm?

The statement from Dr. Rabe comes at a time when the automotive world is badly shaken by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

However, by seeing the thriving EV segment even in such a disappointing situation, Bentley has decided to make the switch to the electric platform.

The company’s senior management while telling more about the five-in-five plan further announced that every vehicle launched under the “Beyond100” strategy will be an exciting car.

Ambiguities All-Around

While this news might be huge for some people, it hardly contains any details about the upcoming EVs.

Further to that, the fact that all EVs are pretty exciting due to their instant torque when compared to the conventionally powered internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, doesn’t seem much of an announcement by any standards.

Final Verdict

While Bentley is still hiding its five-in-five plan and has not provided any information about the vehicles to be launched in the future under the “Beyond100” strategy, one thing is clear.

The British luxury automaker has learnt its lesson from the recent abysmal sales figures and it knows that if it wants to survive in the cut-throat competition, going electric is the only viable option.

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