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Tesla Berlin Gigafactory Paused Model Y Production

The Tesla Model Y is one of the most anticipated and highly awaited vehicles from the US-based EV manufacturer.


That’s because this SUV is smaller in size than the Model X and costs considerably less. However, the overall features offered by this SUV are comparable to those of the Model X.

What Brings Tesla Berlin To Limelight This Time?

The Berlin factory of Tesla got in the limelight recently after the news was spread over social media regarding a pause in the production of Model Y vehicles in the Berlin factory.

What Is The Reason Behind The Delay?

Customers are being told that the delay in the production is due to a fault in the motor of the Model Y vehicles.

Why Are Berlin & Texas Gigafactories Vital For Tesla?

Operating the Berlin and the Texas Gigafactories at full capacity is crucial for the company.

Berlin Gigafactory Tesla1

The reason is that if it doesn’t achieve these numbers, the company loses billions of dollars each year due to the super high operational costs of these gargantuan plants.

Comparison Of Tesla Berlin & Tesla Texas

It is worth highlighting that the Tesla Texas plant has already been in the news due to slow production. The major reason for this is the 4680 battery cell technology.

However, Berlin was doing much better previously and much of this can be associated with the 2170 battery cells. While this technology is relatively older, still the production figures were impressive.

A Ray Of Hope For Model Y Customer, Really?

Last week was momentous for Tesla because it was the first time in a long time that a ray of hope came from the company. It announced that the company was all-set to offer 10,000 Model Y vehicles to customers per week.

This is an impressive number. One that fans of the company had been waiting for a long time.

Berlin Gigafactory Model X production 1

The good news, however, was short-lived. That’s because multiple customers that have booked Model Y vehicles are now reporting delayed deliveries.

This is a sort of bummer considering that the company recently achieved an impressive production figure last week.

Which Model Y Variants Are Being Affected?

The most important and frequently asked question in this regard is whether all variants of the Model Y are being affected?

Well, the answer can be a ray of hope or can be disappointing, depending upon how you see it. According to our reports, the issue is only being experienced in the Performance version of the vehicle.

The company claims to have identified the issue in the drive train which means that the electric motors powering these Performance vehicles are not working as they should.

Is It Really A Bad News For Customers?

While it is a major setback for those who have not received their vehicles yet, it is also a good sign. But how?

Well, that’s because had all these Performance Model Y vehicles been delivered to customers with these faulty electric motors, the disturbance they would have caused would have been immense.

Berlin Gigafactory Model Y production paused

This would have resulted in a large number of recalls & ultimately customers would have suffered. So, better late than delivering faulty vehicles.

But that’s what we are saying. The customers that haven’t received their vehicles yet are complaining time and again.

For those of you that don’t know, these electric motors for the Model Y vehicles are being brought in from Tesla Shanghai.

Final Verdict

It is still not known how long the production of the Model Y vehicles will be paused at the Tesla Berlin Gigafactory.

However, we are hoping for the best and we believe that the issue will soon be resolved by the company.

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