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BMW i4 With 390 kW & 590 Km Range Review

As BMW offers more and more electric vehicles, the automaker is making it obvious that it has no intention of coming slow. The recent reveal of the more powerful and capable BMW i4 tells a story of its own.

BMW i4 new model more range more power

Here we review this new vehicle model and delve into the details of what makes it a highly imposing vehicle.

The production version of the vehicle brags a range of 590 kilometers which means that it is a highly capable vehicle which will get you quite far before its battery calls it a day.

Direct Rivalry With Tesla Model 3

By offering a vehicle with such an impressive range, BMW has launched a direct rival to the Tesla Model 3.

According to some people, the production version of the BMW i4 resembles the ICE powered 3 series in many ways. However, its all-electric drive train is one of the most distinguishing features.

Exterior Design Is Discernable

When you look at the front of the vehicle, you will instantly recognize that it’s a BMW, thanks to the gargantuan grille upfront.

Although the EV doesn’t need air to keep it cool, still the grille has been made a part of the design language.

BMW i4 white model new

It is worth noting here that this grille has become a signature element of modern-day BMW vehicles and thus designers couldn’t help themselves from adding it to the i4 as well.

What Else Makes The Exterior Special?

A blue line that runs across the sides and also illuminates the grille shows that the vehicle runs on electricity.

Besides this, another key element of the design language is the wheels of the car. These are the same wheels that we previously saw on the concept model.

How Does The Interior Feel?

No images of the interior have yet been launched. However, from what we have seen from BMW in recent times, we can expect an interior dripping with opulence.

BMW i4 interior inside

This means that the cabin will be a cocoon of luxury due to premium quality materials. This is something that customers expect from the luxury German automaker, so nothing surprising here.

Motor & Performance

BMW has revealed that the top variant of the BMW i4 will feature a motor having 390 kW.

This makes it capable of sprinting from 0 to 100 kph in just 4 seconds which is an impressive figure.

The M Series model of the EV is also expected soon which will add further to the performance of this BMW i4.

Which Other BMW EVs Are Presently Available In The Market?

The BMW i4 is just another electric vehicle from the German company. BMW has previously launched the iX SUV as well as the relatively compact iX3. Both of them are doing well in the market.

Final Verdict

Over the years, the performance of BMW EVs has improved significantly and thus we have more than one reasons to believe that the i4 will be no exception.

However, only time will tell how the market reacts to this latest product from BMW because giving the hot favorite Model 3 a jolt will not be an easy task even for a highly capable BMW EV.

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