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BMW iX Infotainment System & Interior Review

BMW iX is the company’s EV SUV that has been in the limelight ever since its launch.

The interior of BMW vehicles has always been one of the most luxurious places in the world, however, the latest BMW iX takes things even further.

An Astounding Interior

As soon as you step into the vehicle, you realize this is something extraordinary.

If you are made to sit in the vehicle blindfolded with the company’s logo hidden, you won’t be able to first identify which SUV it is because the overall interior is a huge leap forward even by BMW standards.

BMW iX steering wheel
Huge Screen Brightens The Interior

The first thing you see is the huge curved screen located right in front of you.

The head screen looks modern and contemporary. However, a downside of this display is that it is not responsive to touch.

This is a huge bummer because all other parts of the car present a highly up to date look but then this screen makes you switch to the traditional ways of interacting with it.

Even the presenter in the video highlights this aspect of the head screen.

What Does The Head Screen Display?

Some of the information that is displayed on the main screen includes:

  • Battery consumption;
  • The current speed of the vehicle;
  • Speed limits;
  • Outdoor temperature;
  • The distance you can travel with the current charge.

HUD Is Exemplary

The controls on the steering wheel allow you to control the absolutely amazing HUD. BMW always does an amazing job in this regard and the iX is no exception.

A Touch Sensitive Infotainment System

The infotainment system is touch responsive like you would expect from a vehicle at this price point.

It is also worth noting that the display is extremely touch-sensitive which gives it a responsive feel. The animations are buttery smooth and thus the passengers get a great feeling while interacting with this display.

Infotainment system of the vehicle

There is a second way to interact with the infotainment system. This is done by using the iDrive rocker located near the centre armrest. I don’t recommend using this method as it is not very efficient.

iDrive function on the BMW iX infotainment system

Some of the options that you can choose from here include:

  • Navigation;
  • Radio;
  • Phone;
  • Personal Assistant;
  • Weather.
Car Settings

The car settings screen offers iX owners a variety of options that they can choose for their vehicle.

Car settings

The vehicle also has a smart mechanism that indicates on the screen when a tyre change is required. This is a handy feature that rids you of the requirement of always keeping an eye on your vehicle’s tyres.

By tapping the end of the screen you can choose the Menu option.

Menu of the multimedia system

The Menu is quite extensive and I suggest you read the owner’s guide before using it to get the most of the experience.


Users can even schedule when they want to charge their iX from this screen.

High-Quality Materials

The use of premium quality materials makes the interior of the BMW iX a great place to be.

BMW iX interior

The exceptional design of the steering wheel with the flat bottom gives it a distinctive feel.

Steering whee of BMW
Final Verdict

The BMW iX is a step forward in the right direction. The vehicle’s interior has everything that a modern luxury EV needs to possess for alluring customers.

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