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BMW iX1 Electric SUV Teased For The First Time

BMW, like all other European automakers, is particularly interested in the electric vehicle segment for now. This may be because the company knows that due to EU regulations, it won’t be able to sell any ICE vehicles in Europe after 2035.
The BMW iX1 Is Coming Soon

The brand has thus teased the BMW iX1 for the first time. So, let’s take a look at the vehicle.

The iX1 is likely to be unveiled in the second half of the running year, after the launch of the i7 luxury sedan.

The prototype of the vehicle has been in the news for the past year now. However, this is the first time that the company itself has teased this compact electric SUV.

Design Language Of The BMW iX1

For now, the front end of the vehicle has been revealed. The general aesthetics of the iX1 resemble its bigger cousin the iX3.

The kidney grille which has become synonymous with the brand can be seen in the latest teaser. This is further pronounced with the blue shade that BMW uses for its electric vehicles.

The bumper accents also follow the shape and color of the headlights to make the front end more appealing.

It is to be noted that the BMW iX1 will be based on the upcoming generation of the BMW X1.

Spy Shots Already Available On The Internet

Several spy shots of the iX1 are circulating the internet. These leave very little information to be revealed by the company itself. Here is one of these photos.
Range Of The BMW iX1

According to BMW, the iX1 will have a range between 413 km and 438 km. These are handsome figures.

However, the estimate is based on the present development of the vehicle and how far it can actually go on a single charge will be tested later on.

Advanced Connectivity Onboard

The BMW iX1 is likely to be equipped with the most advanced technology in terms of connectivity. This includes the 5G standard as well which will make it one of the most advanced vehicles in its class.

Can The BMW iX1 Replace The BMW i3?

The i3 has been discontinued by the company and thus we feel that the BMW iX1 is the best option that can replace the prior model.

However, the two vehicles are extremely different from each other. The i3 had the following state of the art features:

– Chassis made up of highly advanced carbon fiber reinforced plastic;

– It was extremely light;

– Was highly recyclable;

– Had a unique design;

– The size was pretty compact.

The iX1 will not have any of these but this is where the list of contrasts ends.

Similar to the i3, the iX1 will have:

– A reasonable price of around €40,000;

– It will be much more compact as compared to bigger SUVs, giving it a nimble feel;

– The design will be fresh and sporty. This will go well with the aesthetics of the vehicle.

Here are some aspects in which the iX1 will be better than the i3:

– More cabin & cargo space;

– Interior will be more practical & easily usable;

– The cabin will be modern & trendy, unlike the i3;

– It will have more advanced safety features & latest digital gauge cluster.

Final Verdict

The German luxury automaker knows that by discontinuing the i3, it has left a gaping hole in its line-up. This is why the company wants to quickly fill this gap with the iX1 compact SUV.

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