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CATL Launches Battery Swapping Stations In China, Aimed At Those With Apartment EV Charging

One of the biggest pain points for EV owners is the time it takes to charge the batteries of these vehicles. This is why battery swapping technologies are quickly gaining fame. One of the recent steps in this direction has been taken by CATL.

Evogo battery swapping program
What Is Evogo & Where Will It Operate?

CATL is the leading Chinese EV battery manufacturer and the company has now announced its venture for swapping batteries.

This will operate under the title of Evogo and has been launched with four different stations in the Chinese city of Xiamen.

How Many Stations Will Be Launched & Where?

In a recent press release, the company announced that it intends to launch a total of 30 such stations by the end of the current year. After this, interested customers will find themselves located within a 3-kilometre radius from such centres.

CATL batteries
More Partnerships Coming Soon

CATL also announced that the company plans to collaborate with more partners for not just launching its services in other cities but also to offer the batteries for other EV models.

Solution To Apartment EV Charging Problems

Urban dwellers residing in apartments face major hurdles in owning EVs. One of the main problems for such residents is the lack of access to home charging stations. This causes major apartment EV charging problems.

CATL has categorically announced that the battery swapping feature is being introduced specially for people who can’t charge their EVs at home.

This state of the art technology will enable EV owners to quickly replace the drained batteries of their electric vehicles with fully charged batteries in a matter of minutes.

What Makes EV Battery Swapping So Desirable?

This will be a revolution in the world of electric vehicles and we believe that this technology will gain fame in the times to come because of its ease of use and ability to quickly replenish drained batteries.

Evogo battery swapping

This recent move from CATL will also aid the EV industry in quick adoption as by addressing the pain point of customers, EV manufacturers will be able to sell more vehicles.

What Is The Biggest Barrier To EV Battery Swapping?

The biggest barrier that EV battery swapping service providers face at the moment is that the batteries from various manufacturers have different architectures.

Here are some other aspects that prove to be a hurdle for the battery swapping technology:

  • Different cell formats;
  • Varying cooling strategies;
  • Diverse packaging methods.

In case of uniformity, the batteries will become replaceable for all EV models regardless of their manufacturer.

Is It Compatible With All Batteries?

Evogo claims that its battery swapping feature is compatible with almost 80% of all EV batteries in existence.

It also states that the technology will be compatible with the various EV batteries launched during the next three years as well.

ev battery

Thus, it proves that CATL has done its homework before launching this state of the art technology.

How Costly Will It Be?

Another factor that will play a significant role in the success of the battery swapping technology is its affordability.

At the current EV charging rates, the monthly subscription for the feature will cost customers around €58. This is a rational amount for a feature that will give EV owners a breath of fresh air.

Final Verdict

The future of EV battery swapping technology is still uncertain, especially in the North American market.

It is to be noted that back in 2014, Tesla offered a similar technology. However, it had to abandon it soon afterwards as no positive response was received from the market.

The dynamics of the EV segment have considerably changed now. So, who knows this might act as the technology that finally sets us free from the EV battery charging times spanning over several hours.

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