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You Will Want To Charge Your EV In Here

As the field of electric vehicles expands, the need to make the most out of the electric charging stations becomes mandatory.

This means that the EV charging stations of the future can be anything ranging from all of the gas station designs we are familiar with to something completely new that has never been presumed before.

Global Competition Regarding The Design Of EV Charging Stations

Recently, a competition called “Electric charging stations of the future” was held in Canada, and this is what sparked the debate about how and what type of future electric charging stations we should have in the future.

While the competition was sponsored by several industry titans, Cadillac was at the forefront, indicating that the contest was taken seriously. This is why this competition, drew entries from all over the world.

Who Determined The Results?

The various entries received in the competition were judged by a jury comprised of drivers and infrastructure experts, all of whom had a say in determining the results.

A multitude of layouts submitted by contestants, including the winner, made fantastic use of the available space and incorporated a broad range of charging station amenities.

The Winning Design

The winner from Scotland went so far as to include a convenience store, cafe, toilets with showers, BBQ areas, play areas for children, and a sensory garden where those who enjoy nature will be able to unwind from their busy lives.

All of the designs included interior innovation, such as the use of LED lights and large canopies, which made them worth seeing.
Runners Up

A participant from Turkey won second place in this competition by including art spaces, outdoor dining areas, a relaxing area, and a marketplace.


This design was unique in that it emphasized the use of solar panels thereby supporting the cause of switching over to the electric field.

Third Place

Even the design that was selected as the third-best in the contest provided a lot of amenities and facilities including open spaces. This design was submitted by a participant from Germany and was dubbed “Plug & Play”.

It made the interior quite well lit, which perfectly matched the character of a modern electric charging station.
Why Were All These Designs Driver-Focused?

This brings us to the next question: unlike any modern gas station, all designs for electric charging stations are centred on drivers and provide several amenities to them. But why?

The answer is simply that while drivers of ICE cars only need a few minutes to fill up their vehicles, charging electric vehicles takes much longer.

As a result, when these drivers charge their vehicles, they require something they can do concurrently.

Offering luxury dining areas and open spaces is a great way of attracting such EV owners who can club the two tasks and get more done in less time.

Similarly, providing a convenience store with an electric charging station allows drivers to buy groceries or perform other tasks while their EVs charge.

Final Verdict

While the world is looking to develop an electric charger infrastructure in the wake of global EV adoption, the designs of these electric chargers are still unclear.

This is why a lot of effort is being put into making the most of the limited space available to such charging stations while also ensuring that EV owners don’t end up wasting a lot of time regularly.

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