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What are the news from COP26, regarding EV?

At the COP26 meeting in Glasgow, as part of efforts to reduce carbon emissions and combat global warming, a coalition of governments, companies, and cities vowed to phase out fossil-fuel vehicles by 2040. The Glasgow Declaration on Zero Emission Cars and Vans, released at climate negotiations in the Scottish city, commits the organizations to “rapidly” accelerate the transition to low-carbon emission vehicles, with the goal of greening leading markets by 2035. The declaration stated that:

  1. Governments will endeavor to ensure that all new vehicle and van sales be zero-emission by 2040 or sooner or no later than 2035 in major markets.
  2. Emerging market and developing-economy governments will work hard to boost the proliferation and adoption of zero-emission automobiles.
  3. Cities, states, and regional governments will endeavor to convert owned or leased car and van fleets to zero-emission vehicles by 2035 at the latest and put policies in place to enable, expedite, or otherwise incentivize the transition of zero-emission cars as soon as practicable.
  4. The automakers will endeavor to achieve 100 percent zero-emission new car and van sales in leading markets by 2035 or earlier, supported by a business strategy aligned with this goal.
  5. Business fleet owners and operators will strive to have 100 percent of their car and van fleets be zero-emission cars by 2030, or sooner if markets allow.
  6. Investors with large stakes in automakers also agreed to contribute to an expedited transition to zero-emission cars, with the goal of attaining 100 percent zero-emission new car and van sales in leading markets by 2035. They will participate in proactive engagement and escalation of these concerns with investees and encourage all of the holdings to decarbonize their fleets according to science-based targets.
  7. Financial institutions will also support an accelerated transition to zero-emission vehicles to achieve 100 percent zero-emission new car and van sales in leading markets by 2035 by providing capital and ensuring that financial products are available to enable this transition for consumers and businesses charging infrastructure and manufacturers.
  8. The remaining signatories also agreed to support an expedited transition to zero-emission vehicles, to have 100 percent of new car and van sales in major markets be zero-emission by 2035.
    COP26 Glasgow United Nations Climate Change

All agreed to support efforts to accomplish the world leaders’ road transport breakthrough, which seeks to make zero-emission vehicles the new normal by making them accessible, affordable, and sustainable in all regions by 2030. They applauded the new potential for clean growth, green jobs, and public health advantages from improved air quality and the possibility that this transformation may strengthen energy security and help balance electricity networks as they transition to clean power.

Every signatory present appreciated the strong policy and bold commitments and increased investment levels in research, manufacturing, supply chains, infrastructure, and – where applicable – development assistance, which will all be required to make an accelerated global transition a reality.

Promises were made to collaborate to overcome strategic, political, and technological barriers, speed the manufacture of zero-emission vehicles, and enhance economies of scale to make the transition faster, cheaper, and easier for everyone. At the COP26, agreements were also reached to collaborate to enhance investment, reduce prices, and expand the use of zero-emission vehicles and the numerous economic, social, and environmental benefits they provide.

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