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A Look At The DeLorean Alpha5 EV

In this article we introduce the DeLorean Alpha5 EV.

If you are fond of movies from the 1980s, you’ll know a title that gained fame back then. It was dubbed Back to the Future. This movie used a vehicle as a time machine.


The car that was used for this purpose was manufactured by DeLorean. This helped the company in improving its image as a brand of the future and the DeLorean vehicles were highly adored back then.

Where Was DeLorean For The Past Several Decades?

Around 9,000 cars were manufactured but then the company that came into existence in 1975 completely vanished from the automakers’ segment in 1982 after declaring bankruptcy.

However, in 1995 it was acquired by another company that retained the logo and the title of DeLorean and continued working as a service provider for the old cars.

Enter The DeLorean Alpha5 EV

Now, the company is showing signs of a big change. That’s because DeLorean has officially released the first set of non-teaser images of the upcoming DeLorean Alpha5 EV.


This is momentous because news that DeLorean is trying to come back to the automotive manufacturing segment had been circulating for quite some time now.

Early this year we also heard that DeLorean is all set to offer its electric vehicle to the public but once again the bubble busted and nothing was launched.

When Will It Be Shown To The Public?

The situation is quite different now as the company has already announced its ambitious plans regarding showing the vehicle to fans and media on 18th August at Pebble Beach.

DeLorean Alpha5 model exterior
Joost De Vries Giving His Input

The DeLorean Alpha5 EV is the result of the love that DeLorean’s CEO has for the electric vehicle segment. He was one of the key persons that ran the Tesla Roadster program in its initial days.

From then onwards, Joost de Vries went on to Karma while pursuing the role of sales Vice President, after which he finally became the CEO of DeLorean.

The DeLorean Alpha5 is a true piece of art and the credit for this amazing design goes to Italdesign, the company that designed the previous DeLorean vehicles as well.

Similarities & Differences With The Original DeLorean

It is also reminiscent of the old DeLorean vehicle due to its two distinctive features which are:

  • Gull-wing doors;
  • Louvred rear window.
DeLorean Alpha5 exterior model x

However, as the previous vehicle was launched decades ago, the newer EV is much different from that. The first and foremost difference is that the original vehicle had a V6 engine whereas this new EV has an electric motor.

We currently have no information about the power, but we are sure that it’ll be quite impressive.

Acceleration & Battery

The 0 to 97 kph acceleration has been revealed by the company as 2.99 seconds. The EV will use a 100 kWh battery which will help it achieve a range of around 480 km.

Seating Capacity

Unlike the previous vehicle which was a two-seater car, the DeLorean Alpha5 EV can easily seat four people due to its larger body size.

DeLorean Alpha5 EV interior
Extremely Low Drag Coefficient

Another design aspect in which Italdesign has done a wonderful job is that the DeLorean Alpha5 carries a drag coefficient of 0.23 which is phenomenal. Such a low drag force explains how the vehicle will have such an imposing range.

Final Verdict

Let’s see how DeLorean performs this time. The DeLorean Alpha5 EV looks promising on paper and in the pictures as well but only time will tell how it performs when put to the test.

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