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Did You Hear About Tesla’s Plans In Berlin?

Over the years, Tesla and delays have gone hand in hand. The situation looks no different even to this day.

Why Is The Berlin Factory So Vital For Tesla?

Tesla’s latest Gigafactory located in Berlin is vital for the company. The reason for this is that Tesla needs this factory to boost up the company’s production figures.


Tesla which is already deemed as the category leader in terms of electric vehicles has had great sales figures in Europe recently.

The Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y have been the best sellers of the last year. However, there is another side of the picture as well.

In 2021, VW had three of its electric vehicles among the top 10 bestselling EVs of the year.

This means that brands other than Tesla are also beefing up their position in the electric domain.

For staying at the top, Tesla needs more sales which necessitate the production of more vehicles than ever before.

When news of several Tesla Model Ys produced in the Berlin Gigafactory began circulating on the internet, it provided a ray of hope for Tesla fans in Europe.

What Is Delaying The Deliveries?

According to recent reports, Tesla awaits an important environmental permit.

Without this permit, the company won’t be able to make deliveries to customers.

Approval For How Many Vehicles Has Been Obtained?

The state of Brandenburg granted Tesla permission to manufacture the bodies for 2000 Tesla Model Y vehicles.


However, Tesla also stated that several production tests are still pending which need to be performed before deliveries.

Photos Of Model Y In Berlin Gigafactory

The production seems to be on its way and photos showing several Tesla Model Y vehicles can be seen on the internet.

However, the environmental permit has still not yet been received. This raises eyebrows that how is Tesla manufacturing these Model Y vehicles.

Another Issue For Berlin Factory

Water supply at the Berlin plant also seems to be one of the issues that are pending production.

A piece of good news is that a delegation of Tesla met with senior officials of Brandenburg lately.

The meeting was fruitful for Tesla as the delegation was able to convince these officials about Tesla’s focus on environmental safety.

Questions Stimulating Tesla Customers

This brings us to a few important questions like:

When is the approval expected?
When will the Model Y deliveries from Berlin Gigafactory start?

Let’s take a look at them one by one.

When Is The Approval Expected?

Well, the approval is expected to be granted in the first week of March 2022. This means that only a day or two might remain until approval is granted.

When Will Tesla’s Berlin Factory Start Deliveries?

There is no confirmed information on when deliveries from the Berlin factory will begin.


However, as previously stated, Tesla is already producing Model Y vehicles in its Berlin factory. This suggests that the company isn’t far away from making its first delivery from the Berlin factory.

Some experts believe that the deliveries will start by the end of March 2022. A few state that Tesla won’t start the delivery without a grand ceremony.

If the date of delivery is 22nd March, it will coincide with the delivery date of the first consignment delivered by Tesla’s Texas Gigafactory.

Final Verdict

While the past might not have been so rosy, Tesla fans are soon going to see good times.

Let’s hope for the best as all of us are anxious to see the Tesla Berlin factory in action.

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