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Does Lucid Air Beat Tesla?

Tesla, A Class Apart

Having a Tesla vehicle is more of a fad these days. It’s a fashion statement that the rich and trendy have adopted to not only show their appreciation for emerging technology but also to simultaneously express their concern for the environment.

Does Lucid Air Have What It Takes?

With several manufacturers presenting their products to interested customers, the world of EVs has seen a dramatic improvement.

Lucid Motors, a US-based electric vehicle manufacturer with a promising future, is one such option. The company began operations in February 2021 with just over 2,000 employees, but is this small firm poised to upset industry trendsetter Tesla with its cutting-edge vehicles?

This article delves into the conundrum of whether or not Lucid Air is superior to Tesla.

However, it is pertinent to mention that in each segment discussed below, we are considering the best option that each company has to offer.

Who Wins The Power Race?

It’s all about power in electric vehicles. They are characterized from their gasoline counterparts by the instantaneous testosterone pumping mesmerizing figures that push you back upon flooring the paddle.

Tesla Model S was one of the first vehicles that paved the way for a big chunky family electric vehicle putting supercars including Lamborghinis and Porsches to shame.

The top-tier Lucid Air Dream Edition has a massive 829 kW (1,111 hp), giving it a significant edge over the Model S Plaid, which caps out at 761 kW (1020 hp).

Lucid Air model

What About Acceleration?

Tesla establishes it’s dominance by putting all of its power to the ground. As a result, the Model S Plaid accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 1.99 seconds, while the Lucid Air Dream Edition does so in 2.5 seconds.
Which Will Give Me More Driving Range?

The Long Range Tesla Model S tops out at 652 kilometers of driving range, which in itself seems like a big number. Right? Well, wait until the Lucid Air dazzles you with its incredible performance.

The Lucid Air claims a staggering range of up to 837 kilometers (EPA estimated). That’s a whopping 185 kilometers more than the Model S. As a result, the Lucid Air should have at least a 20% greater driving range.

Want Quick Charging Times?

Another imperative factor to consider when it comes to EVs is how quickly they charge. Well, what good is a superfast vehicle if it can’t even start? So, let’s see how much time you’ll need to get these two vehicles up and running.

Lucid Air claims to offer a 483-kilometer range with just 20 minutes of charge time. The Model S on the other hand requires a 15-minute charge to run 322 kilometers. That’s amazing, right?

With a network of 25,000 Tesla superchargers, the company consumes competition like no one else. This is where the Lucid Air vanishes in thin air, being a new entrant with a lot of terrains to cover.

Lucid Air and Tesla Model S
Reputation Precedes You, Choose Wisely!!!

While Tesla is known for being the best in this segment, Lucid Air is just another eye-catching vehicle with no substantial fan base.

Tesla’s more than a decade of experience in the field gives it a light-year advantage.

Money Matters

The long-range version Model S starts at €90,040 (£76,377) and the top tier Plaid variant goes up to €123,216 (£104,519).

Lucid Air Pure (base variant) starts at €73,367 (£62,234) and the price goes as high as €160,193 (£135,885) for the Lucid Air Dream Edition.

Lucid Air Dream Edition
Which Is the Better Vehicle?

In the end, it all comes down to personal preferences. While the base variant Lucid Air looks like a bargain, the upper variant is exorbitantly priced.

To most people, Lucid Air still has a long way to go to match Tesla’s might. That’s why, at least among these two vehicles, I believe the Model S symbolizes better value for money.

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