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Ducati Adds Futa To 2022 E-Bike Range

Ducati is a renowned company in the field of bikes and its recent entry into the e-bike segment illustrates the growth opportunities that this segment is likely to experience in the upcoming future.

Ducati bikes

However, the Ducati E-bikes range has been updated once again. The new Futa is the latest addition to this segment.

This is the first pedal-assisted bike from the company and is meant to target those who want to make use of this modern platform.

The Futa was announced on Thursday, and it is significant for fans of both e-bikes and Ducati. This is due to the fact that this is the first time the Italian motorcycle company has released a racing e-bike.

How Is The Futa Different?

While the previous versions launched by the company were all mountain bikes, the Futa is a road bike that is entirely different from its predecessors.

Being a racing e-bike, the Futa is designed with one aim only: high speed.

The aerodynamics of the bike and the light weight add to the responsiveness and make it more agile. The reduced weight is mainly because of the carbon fibre frame.

To get lower drag values, it has been specially designed with lowered sheaths and a compact-sized rear stay.

Ducati Futa bike

The rear end of the bike’s frame is triangular shaped which provides an effective mechanism to effectively transfer power to the wheels.

Aesthetically Pleasing Design

While the major portion of the bike is bright red, the fork slides, seat post and down tube are black. This contrast gives the Futa a unique design.


Well, the Futa is a racing bike from Ducati. So, as you would expect, the price tag is pretty hefty.

The bike costs €7,690 which is at least four times the price of an average e-bike. The limited-edition Futa costs €11,990 which makes it outrageously expensive.

Futa’ Weight

As mentioned above, the carbon fiber frame keeps a check on the weight of the bike limiting it to 12,4 kg.

It is worth noting here that most e-bikes weigh more than 15 kg and thus the reduced weight will add to the performance, considerably.

Ducati bike
Battery Pack

An e-bike is just like an electric car, it needs a battery to run. The battery pack on the Futa is 250 Wh which is nothing special as some e-bikes feature nearly double this capacity.

However, the lightweight of the Futa is a plus point in this regard as the battery will last longer than an average bike.

Alternatively, the small battery bank also aids in lowering the weight of the bike.

If you want an additional battery pack, you can get a 250 Wh spare as well.

Range & Power Efficiency

The Ducati Futa is an efficient bike that has a power efficiency of around 3Wh per kilometer.

This gives the bike an impressive range of around 80 km which might be the gold standard in the e-bike segment.

The range can be extended to around 160 km by adding the extra 250 Wh battery pack.

Power & Torque

The Ducati Futa has an FSA System HM 1.0 motor. This motor has the following output figures:

– 250 kW power;

– 40 Nm torque.

When Will It Be Available?

According to Ducati’s official website, the Futa will be available during the last quarter of this year.

Ducati Futa
Final Verdict

The new Ducati Futa is exorbitantly priced, and with so many great e-bike options already on the market, I wouldn’t recommend purchasing one unless you’re flush with cash.

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