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Are Electric Buses The Next Big Thing?

In this article we talk about electric bus revolution which is more and more becoming the next big thing.

The world is transitioning to the electric platform. All two and four-wheel driven automobiles will soon just be launched with the electric drivetrain. This is true, especially for Europe where the deadline for transition has already been set.

On the other hand, Tesla is trying to change the world of trucking as well, thanks to its Semi. Although the company has been marketing it for a long time we are yet to see it in reality.

Things Are About To Change For The Bus Segment

However, this is enough for us to believe that soon even the bus segment will also follow suit.

This means that the world isn’t far from seeing a total dominance of electric buses as well which will dethrone the ICE buses that we see today.

How Has Colorado Taken The Lead?

In this regard, we have a piece of information from the US state of Colorado that has come to the limelight. The governor there has set a budget of around €60.64 million (£52.05 million) for electric buses for the current year.

Why Has This Decision Been Taken?

This latest decision was made as a part of the SB 193 law which is an attempt by the state’s authorities to improve the quality of air for its residents.

This is not the first time that a city or a state has attempted to go for electric buses.

Some of the US states that are likely to excel in this regard are Boston, New York and Nevada which have decided to completely phase out the ICE buses by 2030, 2035 and 2050 respectively.

Who Will Benefit The Most From Electric Buses?

Going for these electric buses is a welcome step for all. However, children are likely to benefit the most from them.

That’s because kids are at the highest risk of being affected due to the pollutants present in the harmful gases.

electric buses school electrification

As children use buses quite often for going to school, the amount of polluted air they inhale is quite large which affects them badly.

This is exemplified by the fact that air pollution causes around 2 million new asthma cases in children, each year.

Benefits Of Electric Buses Over ICE Ones

School districts over the globe will now get a chance to use electric buses instead of ICE versions.

These newer buses are not just better for the environment but also require lesser maintenance costs. This makes such vehicles even more attractive to the masses.

electric buses new revolution

Colorado’s initiative is a healthy step in the right direction. This huge sum of money will not just be used for buying new electric buses but will also be expended on the conversion of old ICE buses to the electric mode of operation.

This will accelerate the adoption of the EV segment overall and will have a healthy effect on the environment in the times to come.

Final Verdict

The shift over to the electric buses is another step that responsible administrators are taking for a sustainable environment.

We need to push all modes of convenience to the electric drive train if we want a cleaner environment for our children.

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