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Electric Car Charging Points Law – What Do You Need To Know?

As the world is quickly moving towards electric cars, new laws are coming into existence. One such example is the recent Electric Car Charging Points Law which binds house builders to include electric car charging points in new houses.

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Where Has This Law Been Implemented?

For now, only UK residents will follow this law but it is expected that in the near future, it will be extended to other European countries as well.

What If You Are Not A Home Builder?

Even if you are not a new home builder and are just in the process of constructing your own house, the law will require you to add electric charging points to your custom-built house.

Electric Car Charging Points Law
What If You Don’t Own An EV Presently?

So, what if you don’t own an electric car for now? Can you avoid the need of adding these charging points?

Well, the answer is no, mainly because of the rapid pace at which the electric vehicle segment is being adopted, soon everyone will also be required by law to have an EV.

The situation in the EU is particularly relatable where automakers won’t be able to offer ICE variants of cars after 2035.

Why Have Home Builders Been Added To The Law?

The rule is quite strict in that it binds everyone to add these charge points. It has been observed otherwise that while constructing their houses, owners often add various features to future proof their homes.

However, home builders are more likely to avoid such features mainly to just cut down their costs and increase profits.

But now with the new law, even the home builders won’t be exempted.

Why Has This Step Been Taken?

This brings us to the important question that why has this vital step been taken. Well, the primary reason is that as the number of EVs on the roads will increase, the public charge points will not be able to meet the demand.

This is why home chargers will come to the rescue in such a situation.

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Another important factor to consider is that when the global demand for chargers will increase all of a sudden, everyone won’t be able to afford the associated cabling and stuff.

This is why, now that the EV segment is still in its infancy stage, this is the best time to set a law that bounds new home builders to add these features to their houses.

For now, this might seem a bit of an overkill. However, time will prove that everyone who adds this provision to their house will be able to benefit from the EV revolution much more easily than the ones who won’t have such provision.

How Many New EV Chargers Will Now Be Added Each Year?

According to an estimate, according to the latest law, around 145,000 new EV home chargers will now be added annually to the UK’s EV charging infrastructure.

Electric Car Charging Points Law
How Will The Law Be Enforced?

Instead of taking up this law at the planning stage, it will be implemented at the Building Regulations stage.

So, a house that doesn’t meet these new requirements will not be deemed fit for approval.

How Will It Affect Home Buyers?

The prices of new houses will see a minor increase due to the inclusion of these new EV charge points.

However, buyers will also need to be more careful about choosing their next house and see whether it meets this new law or not.

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