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Are All Electric Cars Automatic?

We see the electric world as the future but for now, just 2% of the total vehicles on roads are electric. However, this number will soon increase in the future as many countries are now imposing bans on the sales of ICE vehicles after a fixed deadline. This means that a few years from now, all vehicles will be electric. So, we need to know who will be able to drive such cars.

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Are All Electric Cars Only Offered With Automatic Transmission?

Not everyone is trained enough to operate a stick shift. That’s why it’s important to know whether or not all electric cars have automatic transmission.

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Why Do EVs Don’t Need A Clutch?

Electric vehicles don’t have a clutch. This is because such cars don’t stall at low speed like their ICE counterparts.

For keeping a manual transmission vehicle from stalling, a clutch is used along with braking.

No Clutch Means No Gears

As no clutch is required in EVs, thus they also don’t require gears. Some automakers are trying at the moment to add four or five-speed transmission to the electric vehicles but this is being done just to make such vehicles seem normal to drivers accustomed to their use.

Most electric vehicles don’t have gears in the first place. They don’t have a multi-speed conventional gearbox like arrangement.

High Revs Of Electric Motor Mitigate The Need Of A Gearbox

As EVs can achieve much higher revs than their ICE counterparts, the need for the gearbox is totally eliminated.

Compared to the 4,000 to 6,000 revolutions per minute of an ICE engine, the electric motor can even achieve a number as high as 20,000 rpm.

Are All Electric Cars Automatic
Do Electric Cars Have Reverse Gear?

Similar to the case of an automatic transmission vehicle, for putting the vehicle in reverse, there has to be a special arrangement.

While you can’t call it reverse gear, the EVs do have a special switch for putting them in the reverse mode.

So, technically EVs don’t have a reverse gear but they have a mechanism for putting the vehicle into reverse that is similar to what we see in our conventional cars.

Can I Drive An EV With An Automatic License?

As EVs are only available in the automatic transmission mode, thus you can drive them if you have a manual or an automatic license.

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Manual transmission vehicles are more difficult to drive and thus the law in some countries bars drivers with an automatic license from driving them.

Advantages/Disadvantages Of Automatic EVs

Like all other vehicles, there are several advantages as well as disadvantages of automatic electric vehicles. So, let’s see them in detail:

  • Easier to drive;
  • No stalling like the one seen in manual ICE vehicles;
  • Drivers need to focus just on the road. No flimsy stick shift disturbs them while driving;
  • More efficient;
  • Fewer maintenance costs;
  • Offers instant torque and jaw-dropping acceleration even to a novice driver.

These vehicles are more likely to cause accidents in case the pedal is pushed by mistake.

That’s because there is no gearing mechanism slowing the vehicle down so as soon as you push the pedal, you get access to all of the vehicle’s torque.

Final Verdict

Yes, all electric cars are automatic and they do have a special switch for putting them into reverse, yet it cant be called a reverse gear.

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